Birmingham attorney outlines possible crimes Carlee Russell may have committed

Birmingham attorney outlines possible crimes Carlee Russell may have committed

Eric Guster noted that right now, Carlee Russell needs an attorney to advise her on how to respond to the police.

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36 Responses

  1. Tammy Dunham says:

    Her behavior is disgusting. As a family member of a kidnapped and murdered victim, I hope she’s held accountable. What an entitled brat.

    • kaushiki Espinoza says:

      Brat👏🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣 gosh doh crack me up this hour

    • InsideandOut says:

      I’m sorry you and your family and especially the family member who was kidnapped and murdered went through all that. I would really love it if Carlee was required to apologize to a few families like yours, but I suppose that would never be part of her up and coming punishment or restitution, will it? You have every right to feel outraged. 💔

    • Chris M says:

      @InsideandOut Did Sherri Papini have to apologize to triggered people? Nope.

    • InsideandOut says:

      @Chris M Sherri Papini had no involvement in Carlee’s hoax. You’re deflecting. Doesn’t work with me. Carlee owes apologies to a whole lotta people.

  2. Greg Lee says:

    She should not be handled with kid gloves. It’s outrageous for someone to do something like this.

  3. Niomi Cristina says:

    I really commend the law enforcement for how awesome they handled this case. They stated nothing but facts and they worked diligently to get us the facts in detail. I’m still in shock that someone would go through this extent to carry on a lie to this caliber. It’s really sad and she deserves anything that law enforcement throws her way.

    • Everything not known says:

      I commend the Chief on his suit! He was looking very well dressed- that color tho❤ Easter Sunday best

    • Raphaella Victoria says:

      yup, but I don’t know why this black man in the video says it means African American women won’t be believed: what’s race got to do with it? Only racists focus on race.

  4. watchman says:

    What an insult to every real victim and their families. The unnecessary pain she put her own family through. And like this guy said it will make folks skeptical about future real cases. This will affect all races.

  5. Lynette Dundon says:

    On the up side, its nice to see law enforcement doing a great job of investigation. She should do the time for her crimes if she indeed made this up and lied to police.

    • Cee Carter says:

      That’s true!

    • Jamo72 says:

      people lie to law enforcement all the time and dont do time…why should she be arrested?

    • Mike Bear says:

      ​@Jamo72this wasn’t just a lie. This was starting a panic. One of the cops could have died speeding to the scene. If she gets just a slap on the wrist then other women will pull the same stunt because they know they won’t get in trouble. She needs to be made an example out of. She wasted precious resources for whatever the reason. She cost the taxpayers boatloads of money with all the resources put on her case. She needs to do some jail time and lose her driver’s license for a year atleast. She also needs some severe therapy. Obviously somethings not right in her brain. They can do scans and then come up with a comprehensive plan to help her heal and make positive progress. She also needs to take ownership of making the entire story up. She needs to come clean and explain herself thoroughly. Cutsie time is over. 😡

  6. Dark Rose says:

    I don’t know why people are banishing this lawyer, Eric. He knows what he’s talking about the girl lied, made up the whole thing. Imagine how this makes other families of the lost and murdered feel??? 😢

  7. Caroline Bell says:

    Sorry but this girl should be punished for this . Pure evil 👿

  8. valkyrie1066 says:

    I wonder if she considers the effect on ACTUAL kidnapping victims. Until recently, they were never accused of orchestrating their own kidnapping. Now; if a victim reports a kidnapping, the first thing the police will do is check up on their story, and their background, then decide whether or not to believe them. She just shackled law enforcement. And hindered their ability to act SWIFTLY when there is an actual person in danger. We were all afraid for her safety. SHAME on her and her deception!

    • Robin Chemin says:

      I never believed her! That story smelled like fish from the start!

    • Johnny Long says:

      No. She doesn’t. She cant forsee consequences for herself of for others. She literally lives in the moment and she’s not alone. There are millions of them walking among us.

    • Michelle Blackburn says:

      Exactly!! She needs God, jail and then a lot of mental help! Immediately!

    • DrDavid BonnarIII says:

      No people like her dont think of anyone except for themselves

    • Star Light says:

      It took LE 4 years to finally convict Sherri P. I’m sure Carlee will end up paying for her crime just like Sherri.

  9. goofy girl says:

    That statement from Aniah’s dad is just heartbreaking. It’s sickening how many good people Carlee has hurt with her lies. Prayers to the Blanchard family.

  10. lilmama 44 says:

    Its so sad to think about how much anguish, frustration & heartbreak the Blanchard Family has already gone through by losing their Beautiful Daughter to an actual kidnapping only to get a slap in the face with this fake kidnapping…shame on that young lady for putting them through that & for pulling resources away from actual emergencies. Prayers for Peace & Healing for the Blanchard Family.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😔

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