…And We’ll Do it Again

…And We’ll Do it Again

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Kurzgesagt is lying to you, in every video, even in this one. Because our videos distill very complex subjects into flashy ten minute videos and unfortunately, reality is, well, complicated. The question of how we deal with that, is central to what we do on this channel and something we think about a lot.

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51 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Hey Everybody.
    So as we said in the video, simplification and science communication go hand in hand – It is a balancing act that we take very seriously. As the media landscape has become more and more divided and fragmented in the last few years, we thought we just need to talk to you guys about it and just tell you what we think about it and how we handle it. In the spirit of transparency and just because some of you might want to know our approach.
    Science communication means that you make a selection of what and how to tell it. That you have to decide where to draw the line between details and simplifications to make a complicated subject understandable. We are still figuring out the best way to do this and are learning along the way. And we are able to do this because of you – Kurzgesagt is fundamentally fan funded.
    If you want to support us on our journey to figure this science communication thing out you can check out our shop, where we make scienc-y products designed with love and produced with care: https://shop.kurzgesagt.org/ We love bringing little pieces of knowledge into your home or classroom that inspire you to learn more about the universe in a little more detail. With every purchase you directly support what we do on this channel.
    Ok! Let us know what you think about this video and our approach! And what else you want to know about the weird world of science on Youtube.
    Thank you for watching and reading! – Philipp

  2. β€ŠShortHax says:

    But who’s going to stop the biggest lie in the universe:
    β€œI have read and I accept the terms and conditions”

  3. Aesthics says:

    This channel is such a net positive for humanity

    • Erika T Souza says:

      @PlatinumAltaria That’s not what I meant, of course there is no magic bullet for this.

    • THE_GAMER_GROUP 3.0 says:

      @iamnotpractical you just did and good job you just answered your own question!

    • Damian Rivoli says:

      am soo early ti see fresh cringe crap in this comment section

    • Erika T Souza says:

      @PlatinumAltaria Do you know Al Gore? he was the 45th vice president of the United States, journalist and environmentalist, one day he introduced “scientific models” that sea levels would rise 20 feet and that florida would disappear off the map, well, that hasn’t happened yet., well, that hasn’t happened yet.

    • Wong Cayven says:


  4. Stefan Milo says:

    Brilliant explanation! You’re really the greats at sci-comm!

  5. TheNasaDude says:

    “The universe doesn’t care if we understand it or not”
    Humanity: and I took that personally

  6. Terra Firma says:

    “The universe does not care if we understand it.”

    I feel this applicable to my daily life.

    • Niko R says:

      It’s God who created this world. Nothing coming into something is absolutely absurd. no thing, no space, time or matter. Nothing, nada, into something is absolutely a fairytale.
      Im the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The way we understand how the world works in truth is how wr can understand its Creator also. The name of the Creator is Jesus Christ who also became a human being to die for your sins in the Cross and resurrected Himself bodily on the 3rd day. Believe in Jesus Christ for your sins, and you will have eternal life. Don’t and you shall be judged by this absolutely holy and righteous God:)
      May God bless your day

    • Alok Debnath says:

      @Niko R Are you joking right now? πŸ˜•

    • Emperor Borg Palpatine says:

      @Niko R
      “Nothing coming into something is absolutely absurd”
      You mean like your god?

    • Throw Away says:

      @Alok Debnath lets send this dude thoughts and prayers and remove all medical equipment from him when he gets a super sickness and is close to fading into eternal slumber.

  7. andrea sittoni says:

    “Kurzgesagt is lying to you in every video, even in this one”
    Here we go again with the self-referential paradoxes

  8. Petr Kos says:

    Man i remember discovering this channel in secondary school. I learned so much and it inspired me even more to learn further! Now, six years later iam studying physics at a university and still get excited every time kurzgesagt uploads. Such a time to be alive when something this amazing is FREE!

  9. Max Box says:

    This was the first time I’ve seen an artistic representation of what molecules look like. Was that.. based on anything, or purely an abstract illustration as to say “who knows?”

    • Alex .G says:

      Wassap checkmark!

    • Arcavious says:

      @Vittorio Bosello Just finished highschool chemistry funnily enough, you and mageburger are both correct

      Thats the ‘electron cloud’ model and its the model that is most widely accepted as being most correct to the true nature of molecules but it is also very difficult to understand so we use the simplified Bohr model.

      Electrons are not static at all, they exist in a cloud around the molecule. They are, at all times, everywhere around the molecule but we use the cloud to represent where they are most likely to be at any given point. This is where you get into the quantum nature of an electron as when we observe it we can track it at a specific point but otherwise its literally anywhere in the orbital. Look into this concept more if its a bit confusing because its pretty hard to communicate through text, but essentially when an electron is NOT observed then it produces a banding pattern that is inline with a wave (an electron behaves the same way lightwaves do) but when it IS observed it doesnt produce the same banding as now the electron begins to affect its own trajectory due to interaction with itself (behaving as a regular particle).

      Ironic that im writing this on a video about simplifying science but everything the video talks about is accurate in the sense that science concepts are extremely hard to communicate, let alone understand. I could have done a tereible job with my explanation so id reccomend anyways to go out and look further into this stuff if it interests you.

    • jucom says:

      Still an artistic representation, just a model more accurate to how we think they most likely actually behave, not look like, behave.
      If you want to know what they look like (please consider me not being an expert), it is nothing, because “look like” means be observed, but these are separate atoms, they emit singular photon bundles. What they look like is a billionth of a tiny spec of the image you have of a material, because what they look like is the light they emit.
      Again i am not an expert they might actually look like something and models might not be just for describing their behaviour.

    • Ivan Fade'Em πŸ…₯ says:

      *Really? ? You clearly haven’t seen our video*

    • Throw Away says:

      @Vittorio Bosello hallo von Deutschland,ich mΓΆgen dein Musikgeschmack.

  10. CS Ghost Animation says:

    I really like the thrust vectoring animated on 8:41. Nice detail

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