Animation vs. Math

Animation vs. Math

How much of this math do you know?


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38 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    To be clear, my lead animator is the math nerd behind all this. And as always, watch DJ and I talk about it:

  2. Fletchable says:

    It speaks to Alan’s talent on a number of levels that he can even make me feel sympathy for Euler’s number.

    • Alius says:

      Now all we need is natural logs in minecraft vs animation 😅

    • Andrew says:

      He is on another dimension, not on another level anymore

    • Possessed Pickle Jar says:

      Finally, somebody said what it’s called so I can look up what the antagonist actually is.

    • Fletchable says:

      Ironically enough, this is the first time I’ve utilized my calculus knowledge outside of school hahaha

    • Lvl up productions says:

      @FletchableEven though I use lot’s of this stuff daily (I’m a programmer) I’d literally never heard it called Euler’s number before this animation lol.

  3. Xxbloxbuilderx says:

    Alans creative is beyond human level. Mans found a way to make almost everyone’s lest favorite subject fun to watch

  4. Pawles says:

    This is actually insane. Having just graduated as a math major and honestly being burnt out by math in general, being able to follow everything going on in this video and seeing how you turn all the visualizations into something epic really made my day. Can’t help but pause every few minutes. GET THIS MAN A WHOLE ASS STUDIO.

  5. Eterno says:

    Timestamps for those who dont know what some of this is

    0:01 The Epic One
    0:19 Addition
    1:19 Subtraction
    1:39 Euler’s number to the power of imaginary pi
    2:23 Multiplication
    2:26 Parenthesis
    2:34 Division
    3:04 Exponents
    3:31 Fractions
    3:39 Square Roots
    3:50 Imaginary
    4:01 Imaginary Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi
    4:09 The Chase
    4:43 Fighting with Functions
    5:16 Back to Math
    5:37 Theta
    5:52 Radius
    6:38 Pi
    6:44 sin and cos
    6:50 Circumference (I think)
    7:09 Imaginary sin
    7:19 Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi (again)
    7:26 Another Fight
    7:35 Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi turns into a Sigma Notation
    7:39 Sigma Notation Shoots imaginary pi to the power of n, while n is 2 and will stop until it reaches Infinity, so he can shoot an infinite ammount of imaginary pi to the power of n
    7:45 TSC multiplies the radian to 4 to have enough to make a circle and multiply the circle and the pi to make the circumference and use it as a sheild
    8:24 Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi is multiplying himself by… dividing…
    8:30 not smart enough to understand that but you can see what TSC is trying to do
    8:40 TSC with a gun vs Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi apocalypse
    9:46 that doesn’t seem fair
    10:02 aw he sounds cute
    10:17 TSC changing the position of the circle
    10:35 TSC just found the most op math function even though he only had 10 minutes to learn it while he have to take years
    11:16 TSC launches himself to get Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi
    12:11 Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi spares TSC him even though his knowledge of math nearly killed him
    12:17 TSC learns for Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi (god im tired of saying Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi)
    13:04 Euler’s Number to the power of imaginary pi creates a portal for TSC
    13:33 I forgot what that is called
    13:35 The Golden Ratio, or phi
    13:36 Delta
    13:39 Thats a BIG aleph
    13:49 The + End = The End (I think)

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I remember doing something similar to this as a doodle in my math book when I was 12. I drew comics of stick figures using the math in the book to do thing like cloning or creating portals, but this was a much more creative take on the concept.

  7. Chilldo says:

    This is sick! I enjoyed every single bit and detail that actually made the mathematical sense there. The imaginary world, the expansions of e^iπ, and just the aesthetic of the video showing the mysteriousness of imaginary numbers, and showing how from simple algebra and operators, you get to circles, π, complex numbers, infinities and so on.

    Definitely worth the watch

    • hexagon8899 says:

      complex numbers are in no way “mysterious”

    • Chilldo says:

      @hexagon8899 when humans started learning about numbers and everything related to them, we used them in only practical manner. Lengths, amounts. That’s why there were only positive numbers, and fractions to divide sums. Then, people realised there are uses for negative numbers, like debt, elevation underground, etc.
      But the complex numbers, are technically almost non-existent. While everything I said before lies on one number line, the imaginary numbers lie on a completely different number line, the imaginary number line. Even though nowadays we can comprehend the use and existence of imaginary and complex numbers in the abstract way, 500 years ago I’m pretty sure people would call you crazy if you thought about even working with negative square roots

    • rayene chouikh says:

      Yes not any more

    • Chilldo says:

      @rayene chouikh of course, but they’re still physically not comprehendible in our universe, which does make them kind of mysterious imo

  8. Exotic_Butters says:

    Only Alan Becker can make a video about maths and we’ll all genuinely be invested in it.

  9. MikeToob says:

    Love the way this personified the transition from simple concepts to complex expressions. Incredibly done! 🙌

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    As a math nerd I can say this video is amazing, the animation is really well done and the math details were also really cool, keep up the amazing work to Alan and the rest of the team 😀

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