Mutiny in Russia: Putin addresses Wagner group threats

Mutiny in Russia: Putin addresses Wagner group threats

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has addressed the nation after Wagner mercenary forces claimed control of military sites in Rostov-on-Don.
He described the move as ‘treason’ and said decisive action will be taken.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has delivered a televised address following a series of moves by the Wagner Group to undermine Russia’s military leadership.
The mercenary group has taken control of military stations in Rostov-on-Don, the southern command center for operations in Ukraine.
Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has threatened to move towards Moscow.
Authorities say anti-terrorist operations are underway in the capital.

Putin said those creating chaos will fail.

We have four correspondents following this developing story.
Yulia Shapovalova is in Moscow for the latest updates.
Jonah Hull will give us reaction from Kyiv and we’ll also speak to him about the Russian air strikes there.
Ali Hashem is in Russian-controlled Donetsk.
Sonia Gallego is following developments from London.
Charles Stratford joins on the road to Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

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46 Responses

  1. OHER says:

    its not a coup. Its a special disagreement

  2. Eric Burdon says:

    It was clear from the beginning that prigozhin had his own agenda. He was not fighting for mother russia he was fighting to attain political power.

  3. Da Chosen says:

    Putin ; Its not a war but a special military operation.

    Progzhini; its not a mutiny, its a special homecoming operation and a motivational seminar

  4. Darth Jarjar says:

    It’s not mutiny or coup, they’re just patriotic tourists.

  5. Mo SOG says:

    Putin: It’s not a war, it’s a special military operation
    Prigozine: It’s not a coup, it’s a special revenge against the ministry of defence.

  6. Mario says:

    I guess Ukraine is not the biggest threat to Russia after all interesting

  7. ove jensen says:

    I wish Prigozhin and the Russian military great success in their fight with each other.

    • ELIO degustatore AIS says:

      Purtroppo Prigghy può solo rallentare e indebolire l’ esercito russo.

    • Z B says:

      Do you think that Progozin would be softver then Putin? More restrain?
      He is ither paid, or Ukrainians fooled them, or this was mistakes attack, or attending to remore him from Wagner grup.
      Parhaps Ukraine might be s as they were not winning no matter how much West helpt. Could be good thing tem val od Putin, or it could escalate in way no one wants.
      I feel sorry for people of Ukraine and Russia, us as we all suffer to extent becaouse of this conflict.

    • nico van deventer says:

      THE fight is from above
      Humans only puppets on a string

  8. Agniv Nandi says:

    From invading your neighbour to getting plunged into a civil war….wow, well done Russia!👏

    • Sahara says:

      Yeah. 😂😂😂

    • cosmosofinfinity says:

      They’ve declared Ukraine Russia. Well, they should’ve just deployed their troops in Russia in the first place then! The biggest threat to Russia has always been Russia. Zelenskyy didn’t put those Russians on his turf, the meat grinder; Putin did

  9. Gary P says:

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. -Sun Tzu

  10. Chris Vanthournout says:

    The civilians in Rostov are not panicking a lot to my opinion.

    • Ricky bombastic says:

      These people are so apolitical they are so done with it all they dont care at this point

    • Melanrick says:

      Well, there’s no need for panicking there. There is no combat and the garrison is ok in there. The whole thing is just weird. And too smooth to be honest. It may just be psyops. But that’s just me.

    • Stefan Stefanovich says:

      Old news, he surrendered

    • RABD says:

      I don’t see what the point is in panicking. Russian civilians understand they’re just fodder at this point. You just go along with whatever to stay alive.

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