Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – Cosmonaut Quickie

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – Cosmonaut Quickie

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50 Responses

  1. Brandon Smith says:

    The scenes with Kang reminded me a lot of those Mandalorian episodes in the middle of Book of Boba Fett. They honestly felt like they were from a different, much better, movie. Just a complete qualitative and tonal shift.

    • Kaue Muniz says:

      Damn I forgot about mando in Boba Fett, my memory erased that shit show and made a 3 episodes for mando season 2,5

    • Jellyisamazing says:

      I haven’t watched this movie, but I know exactly what you mean by that haha

    • jose chamu says:

      Perfectv analogy lol

    • Cesar Diaz says:

      I know this has nothing to do with marvel but please check out spec ops the line it’s inspired by apocalypse now and heart of darkness if you haven’t checked it out the twists are mind blowing it’s on steam ❤ it’s a great subversive war game from narrative it’s got very generic gameplay but it’s has an excellent narrative

  2. Dr. Deadpool says:

    I find hilarious that Cassie managed to rally the entire Quantum Realm into fighting against Kang, convinced a villain to turn into a good guy, and learn quantum mechanics in 20 seconds to open the portal back to Scott and hope. Not once did I think there was a sense of danger when everything was going well for the good guys

    • LOPES HICK says:

      @terogates1 that quite simply does not apply given one of the main plots of the film is how she was able to build a piece of tech no government was able to yet.

    • terogates1 says:

      @Just_Delta-25 and think about how much easier it is for someone to make that when the tech has been invented already? That’s like someone complaining about music recording now vs back in the day, also wow your racism is showing, no need to bring up the ethnicity so that’s what you are really mad about huh? Think about how kids now adays are grasping technology faster than older generations. Maybe this would be less confusing if the mcu made its timeline clear

    • terogates1 says:

      @BigandhairyRichard is that really a sacrifice when he didn’t die tho?

    • Thomas Pantrias says:

      I was disappointed when they rescued Ant-Man and the Wasp I was hoping to let them stay trapped until the Avengers movie. It would be a cool concept for the rest of the avengers to try and help them get free. In the meantime Scott and Hope are living with the quantum people and getting to know each other so when the Kang invasion began they helped as an army in the final battle.

    • ldstof says:

      Because Cassie is le epic stronk female

  3. Lemmy the Trash-Goblin says:

    Nothing makes me more excited for a movie than it’s major selling point being that it sets up other, possibly slightly better movies

    • Kukaracha420 says:

      @Howell to Your argument meant nothing the moment you Saïd they were all comedy

    • NV says:

      @HustleBones phase 1 was great since they needed to stand on there own and be good movies in there own right, although I thought ant-man one was good 2 was forgetable so I might like quantumania who knows, I was really exited to see them explore the quantum realm but finding out that theres a civiliaztion there, Imagined her time down there was more of a castaway stroy rather than a dull bladerunner eseq movie

    • AnimationTV💙 says:

      Keep falling into the trap of consumerism

    • Lemmy the Trash-Goblin says:

      @My Enemies Call Me Namor I’d argue that best Marvel comcis have narrative strong enough to stand on their own, without needing to to tease next crossover or character introduction to keep people reading. Something like Matt Fraction’s run on Hawkeye or The Immortal Hulk exist in greater connected universe, but can be enjoyed on their own. And besides Marvel and DC, no other comics really work that way where the stories only exist to prop up other comics and new spin-offs.

    • Tomasz Chojnacki says:

      That’s every Ant-Man movie then.

  4. DaVinci 3 says:

    Watching Modok and kang on screen at the same time was like watching venom let there be carnage and infinity war at the same time

  5. beetlejuicesgraveyardrevue says:

    Jonathan Majors was so good it made me even more apathetic to the rest of the movie than I already was. It just felt like he deserved to be in a much better film.

  6. Unorthodox Individual says:

    This entire movie felt like SpyKids mixed with Star Wars
    I don’t know how else to explain it.

  7. Roluxx Vibez says:

    Out of all of the Ant-Man movies, this was certainly one of them.

  8. Mac Hodgdon says:

    Jonathan Majors back is gonna hurt after carrying these next few phases

    • Saro v says:

      I doubt even he can save did u look at how awful he lookd at post credits at Rama Tut and other kangs

    • Coolio Star Stache says:

      Yeah, it seems that Kang is gonna be one of if not the only good thing about MCU in the immediate future

    • Cam James says:

      @BleedTheFreak “turning away from green screen” was not the problem. Using fewer practical elements and refusing to use The Volume (for some reason) is the problem.

    • BleedTheFreak says:

      @Ian Lenk maybe he can handle bad screenplays a bit but not disney forcing their new cgi tech into every movie. FR, since they turned away from green screen every mcu movie looks kinda bad.

    • Crisdean Mackinnon says:

      He’s going to need a really good chiropractor on speed dial.

  9. Mnemesszeghy says:

    Can’t wait for Marcus to come back 6 months from now and turn his 5/10 to a 3/10

    • Nicobade says:

      Honestly Marcus’s rating was kind considering how many issues he actually had with the movie. Distractingly bad editing, no actors giving good performances besides 2, generic contrived tropes to drive the plot, main villain has no motivation explained. Maybe nothing was outright horrible, but I don’t know if that’s enough to get an average 5/10.

    • Tyler Shadlow says:

      I just hope it’s not in an obviously slapped together video so he can put an ad at the front. Maybe is he made videos were the add was less that 10% if the runtime people would respect him again

    • KiiBoY AMV says:

      so true

    • Morgan Menezes says:

      Exactly after MCU phase 6 will get over and multiversal saga gets over with that he will definitely gonna make a video on reviewing all the multiversal saga movies and definitely gonna give this movie 3/10

    • Michael Wilson says:

      It’s the circle of life.

  10. Kyle Spevak says:

    It’s a Star Wars movie that properly introduces Kang as a threat. The end credits start to show who he really is (kind of like Thanos going to gather the stones himself)

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