Anthony Reacts To “Where’s Anthony” Jokes

Anthony Reacts To “Where’s Anthony” Jokes

We finally address “Where’s Anthony” with the man himself. Thank you @Jowensguy for this compilation!



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49 Responses

  1. Jowens says:

    Hi, it’s Jowens, the creator of the compilation. I’d just like to express the greatest possible gratitude to Smosh for the years of laughs and for reacting to this video; and thanks to everyone else for the support. It was really heartwarming to see the positive comments people made when it was announced that Smosh would be watching my video. A special thank you to Josh Fleury for leaving a comment on my compilation.

    Now that I have your attention: there are so many great Smosh fan channels that make content similar to mine. @epicheroineedits, @ThatAwkwardGuyYT, @amandakarlssonsmosh (she hasn’t uploaded in a while, but has a great back-catalogue), @theintergalacwhip, @sunshinemagnified, @smoshyclips5066 and a bunch of others.

    (To clarify the question about dates near the start of the video: I say “23 days later”, but that’s a complete mistake on my part. The announcement video of Anthony leaving Smosh was released on 14th June 2017 and the shootout episode of Smosh Summer Games: Wild West was released on the 20th July 2017 – exactly 36 days later. I mixed up the numbers in my head and didn’t double check before uploading… so, now over 1 million people and Smosh themselves saw my dumb error which I can’t change. Oops).

    (Additionally, I missed 2 Anthony jokes: one in the sketch “Tinder For Hot Dogs”, another in “Tiger King 2: Tigger King”).

    In the wise words of Bug: “It’s awesome to see your heroes at work.”

  2. Diz says:

    Shane sweating buckets the entire video is so fucking funny

  3. Michelle Dawn says:

    Shayne just realizing he is the one mainly responsible for this joke is pretty funny.

  4. Jess Vachon says:

    Tommy’s joke where he just walks out and then Courtney goes “he left” was the most genius 😂

  5. Fernando Luzuriaga Acosta says:

    Also, we need Anthony ‘s funeral. Ian is gonna be brutal, I know.

  6. kalvin carl says:

    Shayne should be proud of himself for starting one of, if not the biggest, Smosh inside joke.

  7. Simeon says:

    i wish anthony came back its just not the same without him

  8. Jessi Dees says:

    Shayne: I thought Noah started it

    Also Shayne: I planned it ahead of time, and even consulted with someone else.

    I love you guys so much

  9. Britney the Evil Overlady(bug)🐞 says:

    Oh, by the way… Anthony being back *SCREAMS* for a new episode of Who Memed It!!!

  10. Casey Dean Twitler says:

    We’ve done “Where’s Anthony”. We’ve done “Who’s Anthony”. Now the ultimate question:

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