My Response to The New Yorker article.

My Response to The New Yorker article.

I brought receipts.

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30 Responses

  1. Amir DM says:

    We are in a special moment in the history that we hold comedians to a higher standard than heads of state.

  2. H. bk says:

    The irony for me is that she accuses Hasan of trying to enhance his career by telling lies. Meanwhile she is the one that clearly is attempting to do that for herself by writing this misleading article.😒

    In my opinion you did NOTHING wrong. Keep going and do what you do!🙏🏽💝

    • h kaur says:

      How true!

    • Lucas Fronza says:

      “Let’s take this brown artist playing the victim card and expose him in a witch hunt, in a crusade we don’t tipically wage against, y’know, white artists”
      They made him suffer racism while probing to prove he hadn’t.

    • Zainab Radhi says:

      Yes, there is nothing similar between stand up comedian jokes that might be made up and a serious article attacking a real person integrity!
      I didn’t know that standup comedian has to experience all the stories they talk about!

  3. Kelly Patterson says:

    No artist anywhere tells an experience exactly as it happens. Their craft is to tell a good story. Sometimes that means spinning it into a relatable tale. Taking bits and pieces of reality and turn them into something understandable and educational or entertaining.

  4. Patrick Gibbons says:

    To summarize: you speak your truth on stage and the facts on your show…works for me.

  5. David Paran says:

    It’s a comedy special, not a documentary! This level of diligence is way beyond what would be expected. Thanks for the honesty and sincerity and for all your work!

    • Niamh _ says:

      Totally! I am actually surprised his stories are so truthful. I always expect comedians to make up characters, embellish and mesh incidents together to tell the most compelling story. Who the hell thinks comedy programs are nonfiction?

  6. Maggie A says:

    As soon as I heard about that story, I thought, no way are we cancelling Hasan. Everyone knows and expects comics to embellish and re-imagine stories so they hit more effectively in a standup set. That’s why comedy is an art form, not a peer-reviewed journal. It infurates me that Hasan didn’t get the Daily Show over this because he was absolutely the best. Thank you for this video and I wish you hadn’t had to make it. You deserve so much better.

    • Lauryn Holling says:

      This is why he didn’t get the daily show? If that’s true I wholeheartedly believe someone set him up so he wouldn’t get it

    • Roscoe Muttley says:

      Viacom is notorious for being cheap and difficult to work with. Many report they say “bring your own suits” when on the show. Hasan can probably make more with other projects.

    • Asmaa says:

      I mean the standup was a bit more than an art form and became political after he brought up things that many young immigrants/ children of immigrants can relate to on a personal level. Yeah I don’t care when comics very obviously embellish stories but idk it was disappointing to feel like I felt an emotional response over lies

  7. Amrish Lakhisaran says:

    Gotta love how they put more effort into fact checking a comedy show than their own article

  8. Mind of a Dark Horse says:

    As a comedian, it is not your job to relay truth and history, it is your job to find the absurdity in life and make people laugh at things that are often uncomfortable! In that you succeed! I could care less that your skits are not 100% based on truth, they just have to be plausible!

  9. Kwamé Ryan says:

    Don’t let this New Yorker hit job get you down! We all understand how comedic storytelling works!

  10. Merci4Ever says:

    They are just fact checking you, because they need to question your credibility. We (your fans) know the difference between your show (which I miss dearly and from which I’ve learned so much) and your comedy specials. Keep doing what you are doing, we need more people that are not scared to say things how they are. Thank you for being so brave, you have nothing to explain. Big hug and lots of love to you and your family 🤗💛

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