Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron

Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands: Gridiron

Torn between her brother and the only cause she’s ever known, Bangalore has difficult decisions to make – and hard consequences to face – after the Battle of Gridiron.


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Directed by:
Sound Design and Mix: Source Sound Inc
All other categories: Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment

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39 Responses

  1. Macro says:

    I know they were basically the bad guys in this story but PILOTS are so cool 😮

  2. MafiaTheViper Ent says:

    Seeing the “cloak” ability in a apex trailer bring back so much titanfall nostalgia..

  3. Niggie nig says:

    Bro this was way cooler than what I expected… the fight scene, all that was just something, it almost brought me into tears for some reason😭

  4. vladimir krejci says:

    I love how Bangalore was nothing but a grunt to that pilot. Hes like: “Oh, look, free points”.

    • Leandro Peanuts says:

      @Batmam Fansfanypack nope but a batman fanboy wouldn’t ever get it

    • Neil the ass titan says:

      @Leandro Peanuts You mean like what happened here? 2 IMC soldiers almost wiped a pilot, a strong one at that. He tried to cheat and go invis, got read, and ended.

      This is the lore. You watched the video. Pilots die all the time. They’re not like frickin jedi dude.

    • Neil the ass titan says:

      @TickyTickyTavi Lore wise, this video is the lore. Bangalore outsmarted and killed a pilot with her brother.

    • bluebomber28 says:

      @TickyTickyTavi This is Lore clown, cope

    • Garvin says:

      They are free points tho.

  5. Spartan 8layer says:

    Well, there you go, that explains the question on how a grunt beat a pilot and it was basically what i thought. Odds stacked in Bangalore’s and a semi cocky pilot. The only thing I’m a little confused on is that the cloaking is so good even though the cloaking has always been worse for people than robots and titans, unless it’s significantly better than when tf2 takes place.

    • Casual Gamer says:

      The cloaking being worse for people is probably a game balancing decision, a lot of games that have cloaking abilities rarely let the player be completely invisible to other players

    • Ghetto DayDay says:

      Be still lost my guy. Against someone who was injured with no weapons

  6. Maribro says:

    This makes me want to see animations of the Frontier war and have multiple pilots fighting each other. God imagine an animation like this but of a Titanfall Attrition match!

  7. dean richardson says:

    I love seeing one man army characters, like the pilots from an outside perspective. It really reminders you how a much of a juggernaut you are when you play as them.

  8. Anthony Manning says:

    I really like that this shows where she got her alternate and ultimate abilities from. The airstrike came from the IMC ship that attacked and the smokes are presumably because she figured out that’s how you counter the pilots cloaking ability.

    • Aircon Guy says:

      and dont forget the heirloom too

    • Stormy_478 says:

      How the heck did she get the her abilities with a fighter jet. This has nothing to do with her abilities unless you say she got inspiration from that incident with to me doesn’t make sense.

    • conscript117 says:

      not like cooper actually needed it, I don’t remember ever using it in the campaign.
      She would be another mob soldier to him, IF it was back then…fortunately for her she’s not.

    • Brian says:

      I know mirage goes invisible sometimes but we need a legend whos kit is based around cloak and stealth

    • Nikkisuhr Oficial ♪ says:

      @Brian old mirage ult was like that, he ran faster and used cloak for like 15 seconds or less

  9. Legaxy3 ` says:

    I love how freaking OP they made the pilots appear to grunts

  10. kurt ramos says:

    I love that this is 8 minutes long. As a Bangalore main, I’m glad that she’s getting more attention lore-wise.

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