Bill Cipher VS Discord (Gravity Falls VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!

Bill Cipher VS Discord (Gravity Falls VS My Little Pony) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chaos battles weirdness in this insane animation!

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44 Responses

  1. Galvatron says:

    I love the fact that Bill and Discord are arguing within the text of each other’s analyses

  2. Xenothran Hero says:

    If you pay attention, after Bill and Discord leave the puppet bubble, the weirdness bubbles are all gone. This is a subtle hint that Discord transported Bill out of Equestria

    • Zan Wright MFWR says:

      OH MY GOD

    • Derek Backofen says:

      He did he used what magic he had left to trap bill in a different dimension

    • MD Systems says:

      I think that it rather was that he was slowly “fixing” the place before trapping Bill. First you can see the ponies floating without being statues, then the bubbles and mosnters are gone and finally he teleports Bill to his dimention.
      All of that and the way he hugs the yellow pony’s flag makes me feel that Discord alredy knew from the start that he wouldn’t beat Bill so he just distracted him long enough to repair all the chaos and then trap him

    • Omni Fanbase Shipper says:

      @MD Systems I love that headcanon and am adopting it.

    • OathKeeper says:

      @MD Systems You could also see that as the reason he knew he’d lose. He knew that if he started ‘restoring’ everything, it would totally lower his power. He’s the embodiment of chaos, so any ‘order’ Discord does would make him weaker.
      Not only is the bro a troll and was he able to teach Bill the meaning of sacrificing yourself for your friends, but also what the definition of a ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ is.

  3. Sowedon The S'more says:

    Love the voice actors in this. The part where Discord said “You don’t recognize your own home.” And the reality for Bill shatters was perfect. Discord won in my heart.

    • Hawk Of Krypton says:

      The fact that the last thing Bill heard from him was his echoing mocking laughter… just wow

    • Mindshuffler 333 says:

      There’s just something very satisfying about watch Bill panic as he tries to escape the Nightmare Dimension only for him to miserably fail.

    • JustSortaOK says:

      tbh I thought that WAS Discord winning before Wiz and Broomstick came back with the analysis. I thought Discord teleported back to Equestria before the portal closed to trap Bill

    • ARTSONICFAN990 says:

      Bill may have killed Discord, but Discord had the last laugh.

  4. KeyboardKlutz says:

    Discord straight up roasted Death Battle and Rooster Teeth’s animation consistency. Respect.

  5. KingDugan says:

    The last two Deathbattles seemed to have a more wholesome ending than usual. Between this and Silver Surfer vs Martian Manhunter, the characters have a more “real” feeling to them.

  6. Mindshuffler 333 says:

    You could say that Discord actually did teach Bill a lesson in friendship.

    There are some things that are worth sacrificing for….

  7. Adelian says:

    Bro died but still managed to screw his opponent and save everyone important to him. Respect.

  8. Bismuth73 says:

    Okay, but Discord sacrificing himself to save everyone is 100% in-character.

    I love it.

  9. Multiverse_Media🌟 says:

    Alex Hirsch would be proud to see Bill Cipher win. That man truly created the Ultimate villain in all of Disney history.

  10. Moga-hunter says:

    God I love these kind of death battles!

    The puppet segment was a work of art.

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