Casually Explained: The Levels of AI

Casually Explained: The Levels of AI

Tbh Sephiroth in the first Kingdom Hearts pretty high level. The first 100 people to use code CASUALLY at the link below will get 60% off of Incogni:

►Second Channel:

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47 Responses

  1. @CasuallyExplained says:

    The first 100 people to use code CASUALLY at the link below will get 60% off of Incogni:

  2. @akil2903 says:

    Great to see, he’s still being hilarious and reminding us that life is a video game…and humans are losing.

  3. @gael7w802 says:

    What if Clippy isn’t actually dumb, but acts like an inferior AI so that no one suspects that he is responsible for the Singularity. It was Clippy’s master plan all along

  4. @deohenge1865 says:

    I can only hope AI extends us the same courtesy we extended to our predecessors: puts a few of us in cages for entertainment and strands the rest of us in a depleting wilderness to throw shit at each other while secretly filming us.

  5. @pirate_6211 says:

    Final level: can create a YouTube channel that uploads every 12 months to talk about the most random subjects known to man kind

  6. @jawansb says:

    That “can’t solve a Rubik’s cube? Algorithms” joke is very much appreciated my good man

  7. @Schyferyel says:

    all these AI advancements and it still can’t tell if she’s into you

  8. @lawrencesmith6 says:

    Casually Explained must have been replaced by an AI to upload this frequently.

  9. @muhdiversity7409 says:

    Clippy is the ultimate AI.

  10. @enz-x says:

    “Only the people in the creative arts that are going to be unemployed – so no change really”. As someone in the creative arts…I needed that laugh. Thank you. Also, Ive worked with a couple of clients that have outright asked not to use any AI in my workflow (assuming to protect themselves from backlash or something?) and that was something I never expected. I’d have to explain some things like the differences between generative AI and some of the other neural filters but it was an interesting experience and not one I thought I’d have so soon.

    • @janus2638 says:

      I’m glad to hear that ngl. I have a feeling that human artists will always have at least a niche in the industry, if not a lot more than that

    • @michielvanmol3529 says:

      @@janus2638People musn’t forget that without a human AI can’t generate anything creative. Take my field of relative expertise for example: writing stories. While an ai massively helps me improve flow and pacing it won’t do anything for me if I ask it to create plot, unless I give it prompts. At which point an actual creative person will always surpass the person who needs an AI to be creative for them. See if you’re not creative your prompts won’t be either, thus the AI will come up with generic ideas at best.

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