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33 Responses

  1. NovonicRose says:

    Its been 10 years of waiting for an Armored core game and I couldn’t be more happy

  2. Major Lozer12 says:

    I’m impressed with e sense of scale and presentation of such huge encounters. The pace and speed in witch the battle take place is awesome. I’m down.

    • SaveState says:

      I still don’t believe AC series has mastered the sense of height and scale, but this is an improvement. I still don’t believe any game has mastered scaling like Shadow of the Colossus.

      AC tends to feel and look like you’re in a exosuit versus being in huge mech. But I will say, this looks amazing.

      Been a fan since the PSX

  3. Niels Jensen says:

    What I’m most impressed by is that even with the smooth movement the AC has a reals sense of having mass rather than just being a weightless object.

  4. Mikairu says:

    Hope this catapults AC into the spotlight and sets us up for a lot more of it.

    • swagbag says:

      i also hope it makes the mech genre less niche. good mech games don’t come often either. only titanfall was awesome enough but seems to have been appreciated by small percentage. gundam evolution is a hidden gem of pvp.. only the king reclaiming the throne

    • Dorvuzak Uzn says:

      I hope this filters even more people so the Mecha genre remains as niche as it has been, if anything it needs to be even MORE niche

    • Isaac Weaver says:

      ​@swagbagthere shutting down gundum evo 😭😭

    • Basic says:

      @Dorvuzak Uzn Why? I see no point in making the genre even harder to come across

  5. Sigtyr39 says:

    I’m a massive Gundam/Mecha fan and played several of the old AC games as a kid. This is literally all I’ve been wanting in a game for a long time.

    • Two Randy Bois And A Retro says:

      🎉yes comrade rejoice🎉

    • GRD17 says:

      been watch some youtuber video about this also and they show a lot of costumization into the mech including adding decals etc. now if just Bandai could reboot the Gundam breaker series again with at least similar to AC6 gameplay and costumization….i would die happy

    • Two Randy Bois And A Retro says:

      @GRD17 i think this will definitely drive more mecha content to come out so fingers crossed

    • Manzi says:

      And if this will be playable with flight simulator controllers… Oh man…

  6. Dancho 117 says:

    08:13 just when i think that Fromsoft can’t really surpass themselves, they still do and blow my expectations away.

    • Tatarus says:

      It’s crazy, the only comparable thing in older games is burning the Erdtree and that is a cutscene.

      This happens in real time and looks stunning. Can’t wait

    • Zack Wilson says:

      Reminded me of shadow of the Colossus

    • Chris Spedling says:

      Really.. 🙄 i mean that was cool and impressive ig but overreaction much. Cmon

    • Ludwig II says:

      That parts gonna run so bad on last gen consoles lol

    • Super Sayin Solid Snek says:

      ​@Ludwig IIanytime you fought the giant forts in armored core for answer the game always lagged like crazy until you were able to take out all the turrets shooting missiles. 😂

  7. Josh Collins says:

    Just the massive size and scale of the various mechs and landscapes is amazing. Can’t wait for this to drop

  8. James Carter says:

    They managed to capture the feeling of watching a series evolve while being a love letter to everything before it.

    From Ravens to Lynx to Dogs.

  9. dviper20 says:

    It all looks perfect. The movement, the bosses, the garage, the briefings, the cheesy but endearing dialogue. The wait looks like it was well worth it in the end.

  10. Genultz says:

    I’m damn near crying seeing one of my favorite series coming back

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