Atmospheric River Storm Pummels Northern California With Historic Rainfall

Atmospheric River Storm Pummels Northern California With Historic Rainfall

A roundup of storm impact footage from around the Bay Area as the atmospheric river storm blasted through the region Sunday afternoon. (10-24-21)

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26 Responses

  1. Reggie George says:

    This is a Joy 🌧️🌌

  2. Elena Joseph says:

    Bless this rain we needed so bad !!!

    • shogunz ftw says:

      I hope it dries up

    • Lee Dawson says:

      The earth has its own way to attempt to clean herself for the return of her Creator.

    • heavymountain says:

      @shogunz ftw L’mao, you wish. I’ve seen make this comment several times. Also California’s bringing several desalination plants online in the coming years. We have the Pacific Ocean next to us. We’re going to terraform our state like other countries already have.

    • shogunz ftw says:

      @heavymountain you guys aren’t gonna build anything you can’t even get your cargo offshore also you guys have Yellowstone and that fault line to deal with and the way these volcanos popping off you guys may not have much time

    • tony hernandez says:

      But we are still in a drought

  3. Terrakinetic says:

    Camping on the Russian River during a storm? You’re just asking for trouble.

  4. Deborah Day says:

    Thank God for California Rain… Most ppl experience these events yearly. We this and plenty of Snowfall. 😎👍

  5. clan orange chicken says:

    this is like the first part of an end-of-the-world movie, when they still think things are normal

  6. The Police State says:

    Oregon got hit pretty hard with wind and rain around Portland. Mostly strong winds now, Sunday evening. Keep an eye on the tree branches! 😳

  7. Kimberly Perrotis says:

    Water: never in the right quantity, at the right time, at the right place. Yes, we needed years of rain, but we didn’t mean all at once!

  8. Daniel Smith says:

    New Orleans looks like that every time we get a decent rain.

  9. Kimberly Gause says:


  10. Dragon Crackers says:

    The ground is so thirsty right now, it’s going to suck it up in no time. Hopefully it’s the beginning of some regular rain events.

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