Australian Food Tier List

Australian Food Tier List

I rank aussie food cause im bored

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  1. Huey says:

    Lannan is the only person on the planet who can make me watch an aussie eat his local food for 10 mins straight

  2. Thomas Nardelli says:

    As a fellow Australian I think the Bunnings snag is so good because it has the flavour of the last 10 million snags that have already been cooked on every Barbie at bunnings

  3. Thequickster55 says:

    Lannan is the only person that can tell us we don’t matter for 10 minutes straight and we will still watch it

  4. J-train says:

    I love how every other youtuber who makes a food ranking video is like “remember these are just my opinions, so if you disagree that’s okay” and meanwhile Lannan is out here just “if you disagree you are objectively wrong”

  5. Devourer6594 says:

    This was a very interesting video that was entertaining and also helped me to understand Lannan a bit more. It looks like he enjoys artificial chicken flavor imbued into carbs quite a lot. As an American, I am obligated to share relevant info about a snack called Chicken in a Biskit. It is quite literally a box of crackers with artificial chicken flavoring in them. On the box it claims to taste like chicken soup. Also, it apparently goes great with Easy Cheese (cheese in a spray aerosol can) but I never tried it.

  6. lilengie_ says:

    This video brought back such epic memories of devouring Chicko rolls or a potato top pie from the school canteen. Would always finish it off with a Freeza (was like an icy pole in a cup, half raspberry and lemonade flavour. Can’t get it anymore they discontinued it 😭)

    Cheers for the trip down memory lane, love ya work! Always good vibes! 🙌🥰

  7. Hi Hello! says:

    As an Australian, I feel bad that other countries don’t have fairy bread and Tim tam

  8. Mono says:

    As an Australian I can say I feel ashamed Lannan was darstardly enough to put Vegemite in f tier. I would happily eat a jar of that sh— stuff

  9. Reevesy95 says:

    Just watched a man eat all the food groups of Australia and it was worth every second 🇦🇺

  10. Latitude says:

    lannan is literally the only person who could make you eat sh!t from a jar. but you cant go wrong with a few potatos

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