How Congress Gets Rich from Insider Trading

How Congress Gets Rich from Insider Trading

How Congress Cheats The Stock Market
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Evidence is mounting that US senators and members of Congress are using insider knowledge on major policy decisions and looming crises to game the stock market. And they think it’s totally okay.

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29 Responses

  1. Johnny Harris says:

    I went to Greenland recently. I’m really proud of the piece we made!

    • Steve says:

      oh wait until you study the MMTLP case ….

    • VIZCA says:

      It was your best video definitely! loved it.

    • خالد says:

      Why are you so silent on innocent Palestine people getting raided and bombed hospitals bombed in connec people stop sticking your nose everywhere

    • Rushabh Shah. says:

      I love your research so much. The video is not just informative but creates suspense and thriller as well. Can you please make a video on an organization called Sanatan Sanstha in India. I was curious about that and would love to hear about it only from your videos. ✌🏻☺️

  2. Mustang_Mike says:

    Can we please ban congress members from trading and give them term limits 🙏

    • Justice Watch says:

      But, even if you got the inside information, you still have to put money at risk, and there is no guarantee the market will respond. I have seen stocks with blow out earnings and news, and still dump. I think that is why insider trading is hard to prove. What if the information is worthless to a market that already pumped or dumped the stock? Show us proof insider trading even works.

    • Carl Aagaard Madsen says:

      Who can do that. Ohh that themself.

    • Carlos Zambrano says:

      In a democracy you can of course…

    • Jake Mcgowan says:

      @Justice Watch Are you dense? Insider trading is knowing BEFORE everyone else INSIDER information. How is the market going to react to something it doesn’t know? Also if it doesn’t work what is the problem with banning it?

    • Justice Watch says:

      @Jake Mcgowan I agree with you, but there is no guarantee the market will react, hence we don’t have a lot of concrete studies on it. How much of a drawdown could you afford going short on inside info, if the market lags, or the market just experience a huge drop? We caught Martha Stewart. But how many others?

  3. Parva Patel says:

    “the only people who can profit from the system are the people running the system.” This quote becomes more real and true day by day.

  4. Mister Lianghui says:

    The fact that we get free videos from Johnny Harris on YouTube is priceless.
    keeping the education and knowledge alive 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Jakub Urbanski says:

    In the world of fake news and lies, the kind of quality documentaries Johnny provides us with is a real blessing. Thank you

  6. Amanda Jones says:

    I work as a corporate trainer at a law firm. I do not handle any client documents. And I am still *completely barred* from any stock trading without going through a byzantine approval process, and that goes for my spouse, too.

    If I, a private citizen, cannot trade stock because I happen to work at a law firm, there is no way congresspeople or their families should be able to play the stock market like this.

    • Hassetjifrebro says:

      I don’t see the issue. Ban them from trading all stocks but allow them to put money in index funds. All with limits on when and how to sell and buy.

    • TheBlakus420 says:

      You couldn’t be more right

  7. Labour Law Advisor says:

    Johnny investigates finance better than financial journalists and Finfluencers.

  8. ChrisCDXX says:

    We need more people like you Johnny. Keep the world honest!

  9. beanie mac says:

    The amount of insider trading done by politicians is egregious😤

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