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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching, supporting, and being apart of our lifes❤️ I LOVE YOU!!! 🥲❤️

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23 Responses

  1. elvie84r says:

    Love her name it’s cute 🥰 I still remember when Les was live and she was upset that her mom didn’t give her a middle name. She was like “why not it’s free” 😂

  2. Aurora Felix says:

    Don’t ever feel shame or think “you’re throwing me under the bus” when that is Alex’s routine and not yours. He’s a present dad and you should only feel proud & blessed! ❤️ much love to you guys and your family. Congratulations with your baby girl 💓

  3. Gwyneth Jane Reese Vlogs says:

    Ahhh I was so close on her first name!! Love it les! Hope you have a smooth rest of your pregnancy as well as your delivery 🙏❤❤

  4. Amber Williams says:

    I have your post notifications on and I’ve never opened YouTube so fast 😭 So happy for you guys, may god continue to bless your little family. I was legit smiling through the entire video since the second it played. Love the name for your babygirl. So happy for you both. Congratulations❤

  5. Gwyneth Jane Reese Vlogs says:

    Beautiful name choice. Sending you and your family lots of love. Can’t wait for your baby girl to arrive 🥰

  6. JayysGang says:

    Leslie you have hit the jackpot when it comes to life partners
    The way he speaks about you and how he loves you and helps you out so much
    It is truly admiring and inspiring to see ❤️

    • Karyna says:

      Right!! The way he speaks about their future together, expecting to have more children or anything, my ex husband used to talk way different he sad things like “when/if we split…” instead of focusing in our future and thinking that we were going to make this work out through everything
      So makes me very happy see that not all men are the same 😊❤️👏

    • Madilene Rios says:

      literally!! will forever be waiting & wishing for a partner like this😭

  7. Gwyneth Jane Reese Vlogs says:

    Girl tell me why the whole video I’m smiling and my heart is racing in so much excitement 🥰 such a beautiful name girll!! So happy for you & your beautiful family 💗

  8. Stephanie Caro says:

    Such a cute name! 💕 One of my daughters middle names is Yaeli. How we ended up there is because I liked Gael but then we found out we were having a girl. A friend mentioned Yael but my husband felt like it was a boy name. So I said ok and added an i on the ended. Since I couldn’t decide on which middle name I liked more we used both instead of both of our last names.

  9. JKS says:

    Love her name!! It’s unique & cute 💕 in general I LOVE “K” names for girls 👧

  10. cassieeMUA says:

    we can’t wait for babygirl to get here already😭😭😭💖💖💖

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