Back at the Legion of Doom

Back at the Legion of Doom

Meanwhile, back at the Legion of Doom, they be talkin silly! What?! In this economy?!

Also to billybob7712 who i met in a random tf2 game and asked to be put in the video, this is the best you’re gonna get. i hope the doctors were able to remove that thing you shoved up there it sounded really bad!

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41 Responses

  1. Ilikebats123 says:

    I am loving Riddler’s growth in these. He went from having one social interaction per month to going to the gym and standing up to his douchebag boss.

  2. I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter says:

    I love how Lex takes 15 whole seconds to try to interpret Bizarro’s statement, only to conclude that he said exactly what he meant.

    • I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter says:

      @Jetblast01 In Bizarro world, politicians are the most honest and morally upright people around, and they always effect the changes they say they will.

    • Jetblast01 says:

      Actually the worse thing Bizzaro could’ve done WAS to share true information at political events, because morality including the truth is the weakness of all politicians.

    • Avru Vimtu says:

      Bizzaro withheld true misinformation not during non-critical apolitical non-events.

    • D M says:

      Next up after the “Regular Gun” has to be the “Bizzaro Speech Translator” because it looks like everyone in their right mind needs one

    • Dicerson says:

      Everyone is missing the issue.

      Bizzaro said that he shared information. At that point, it doesn’t matter if it was true or false- because according to bizzaro language he didn’t share anything at all!

      So Bizzaro ALSO did nothing

  3. ECHOSONG2005 says:

    I love how Poison Ivy isn’t even in the wide shot which infers that she showed up just to announce she poisoned the water supply and then immediately left.

  4. EmperorTigerstar says:

    I just have to say how much these videos make me laugh over the most specific things. Keep doing what you do.


      i’ɱ ʂʋɓɓiɳɠ ʈo ɑɳƴoɳe ωɧo ʂʋɓʂ ɓɑƈⱪ ɑɳɗ ɭiⱪeʂ ʈɧiʂ ƈoɱɱeɳʈ 🥳

  5. Marcelo Saunders says:

    I love how Lex is completely fine with straight up trying to murder his coworkers if they speak out of line and encourage some elaborately wide scale evil, but kicking a puppy genuinely disturbs him and is too far

  6. Anson Gordon-Creed says:

    Your analysis of Lexcorps’ finances is totally spot on: when Lana Lang took over, she found the company massively in debt from all of Lex’s anti-superman projects.

    • WJ ZAV says:

      Funny thing is, if Lex Luthor applied himself to do useful research like curing cancer or finding clean energy sources, he could easily overshadow Superman in popularity and buy the world instead of taking it over.

    • A random person Who is random says:

      And it’s a finite resource Since it’s just shards from when krypton exploded although I suppose the capital wich is in a jar in brainiacs ofice or whatever would have a bunch in it and there is a chance another planet has the right conditions to make more but it would be too far to do anything with

    • Diaphat says:

      @Anson Gordon-Creed Thank you. It’s hard to keep track since I rarely have the time to read comics anymore.

      It’s funny that there’s different colors of it, like Solid JJ’s Batman’s roast of The Justice League pointed out.

    • Anson Gordon-Creed says:

      @Diaphat 1. Kryptonite generally can’t be “developed”; it’s pieces of krypton; there’s a finite amount on earth. 2. Luthor has figured out how to use Kryptonite as a power source in many continuities. He just doesn’t make money off that because there’s a trope named after that phenomenon.

    • Diaphat says:

      Isn’t Kryptonite just a crystal or rock?

      No matter the answer, it takes loads of effort (as in money) to develop and attempt to deliver to its “target” audience. Unlike products that everyone else releases, there’s NO chance at profit, unless killing a goody-two-shoes superhero makes up for it all.

  7. Lord Eyepatch says:

    The Riddler should be called the *Speaker* because he’s speaking straight up facts!

  8. Larva Tuba Show says:

    I like how in a lot of these videos the villains only do mildly inconvenient acts
    People on Twitter are more evil

  9. Alex Rexaros says:

    I love that this entire thing is turning into Venture Bros but with the actual super heroes they draw inspiration from.

  10. OmniGundam777 says:

    For the record, Lex once cured someone’s cancer, then gave them it again. Just to prove he could.

    • Jacextreme64 says:

      @ti0ii shut up bot

    • Brewie says:

      @Byron Rush I’m so

    • darksideofevil13 says:

      @Temmie! Inject them with cancer?

    • darksideofevil13 says:

      @No Body Harley Quinn killed a bunch of children with explosive video games… pretty close?

    • Doom Clasher says:

      @J vH people watching the video and enjoying it leads to them liking it. Them liking it leads to them more likely to watch other videos by the same creator. Them enjoying multiple videos by the same video leads to them subcribing. Them continuing to release entertaining content leads to the viewer to tell others about the channel. The cycle begins anew, and the channel grows. That clearly has not happened for that person, bot or not

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