Baldur’s Gate 3 is WAY Too Good Apparently…

Baldur’s Gate 3 is WAY Too Good Apparently…

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has been called an “Unreasonable Standard” for AAA Developers to achieve. I think that’s pure nonsense. Larian Studios is one of the best, most ethical developers out there and Baldur’s Gate 3 will hopefully raise EVERYONE’S standards for new video games.

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41 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    Get your air up here: use code ACTMAN for 15% off all your orders #airup #airuppartner

    Really goes to show how low standards have gotten in the game industry when other developers think making a game this good is impossible lmao

  2. ResonantJustice says:

    Only in the gaming industry can there exist a debate about a game “being too good”. 💀

  3. Nikki Ligature says:

    As a Belgian im proud as hell about Larian’s policy. Also in Belgium it’s illegal for “gambling” in games. Stuff like lootboxes is litterly forbidden

  4. Batu Khan says:

    I sugggest y’all to take a deeper look at Larian’s story, you’ll actually see from how far they come. Couldn’t be happier about their well deserved success. It’s been a damn long difficult road, but their passion and dedication ultimately overcame the odds !

    • Seevee says:

      I just watched a The Divinity Original Sin Gameumentary video today. They were literally as close to going bankrupt and closing up shop as they could possibly be. DOS was funded by a damn Kickstarter lmao

    • Alleine Dragonfyre says:

      I think what stands out most is, unlike big over-inflated 9,000 employee strong mega-corp developers, Larian has improved over time. They didn’t devolve into a bunch of money-grubbing, gamer-hating degenerates.

    • Qu says:

      @Seevee Reminds me of what Digital Extremes went through to release Warframe. They went to dozens of publishers and got turned down by every single one of them, so they were forced to fund development on their own dime and nearly went bankrupt in the process. Ironically, that was probably the best thing that could have happened to them because they’re now fully independent and free to do their own thing.

  5. Karbuncle says:

    The funny thing is here, Larian didn’t raise any standards, they simply brought them back to where they were before Microtransactions/Battlepasses/live Services ruined the entire industry. Baldurs Gate III is simply a time machine into an era when games were made to be good because thats the only way they made money. Baldurs Gate 3 gives us a look into what gaming would be right now if not for the MTX invasion.

    • g vnhtsm says:

      This is clearly a bunch of lies, what do you think you are talking about? Battle passes, yearly season passes, and microtransactions have clearly expanded the ability for players to enjoy the game. Why would we possibly go back to that primitive way to making all the money possible?

      (How did we get to this point? Greed, instead of passionate developers.)

    • A. R. says:

      Well, no. That is not true. Lariat definitely did raise the standard. They are what Detroit become human is for tetelltale

    • A Bear says:

      @A. R.your analogy makes no sense. Detroit is by Quantic Dream, a company with a long history of making “telltale” style games. They have been around longer than TTG by a large margin.

    • Robin Htk says:

      Yeah, I only play games that are full with no microtransactions and for the past 10 years I haven’t played many games.

    • dynamicguy 777 says:

      *It’s finally finished*

  6. Kolby Williams says:

    That’s why I like Larian as a studio. They talk to the community, they confront criticism directly, and without resorting to identity politics and outrage, and they make games that are just good games. They don’t lecture or berate their fans. Nobody should be shocked that Larian fans are going to roast any other devs that take shots at them.

    • Qu says:

      I still have my criticisms with the game – namely, the fact that inventory management is so clunky, the fact that Act 3 and the ending both feel super rushed, Karlach’s dialogue is absolutely AWFUL (she comes off like a 13 year old who just discovered cursing). But Larian are generally good at taking criticism, so hopefully a lot of these issues will be ironed out in the definitive edition a year or so from now.

    • iipecacuanha says:

      I have also seen how communicative they are with the community, constantly asking for feedback, and rolling out hotfixes and communicating their next steps. It really is impressive.

  7. Ali says:

    It’ll be very interesting to see how Starfield turns out, releasing after BG3.

    • Caleborn says:

      Still sells much more than it should, but at its core its Bethesdas usual crap.

    • We Play VR says:

      According to Xbox fans starfield will be the be all end of gaming greatest thing ever made……personally I think it shows just how desperate they are over there

    • Icy Knightmare says:

      It’ll probably be great in a couple years after the community gets a chance to fix it.

    • TeaNotCoffee says:

      Given Todd Howard’s track record of lying out of his ass, I’ll take a huge chunk of salt about what he says will be in the game and the mechanics of that game

    • Freshmoor says:

      To be fair i just have starfield because i replaced my gpu with an amd 6700xt and it came bundled

  8. Rylandolf says:

    It is so fucking awesome that Larian risked bankrupcy for quality. My respect for them as a studio has went up tremendously. Its just so fucking cool they deserve every bit of success

  9. Clayton says:

    It’s like being in a ton of abusive relationships in the past and now that you have someone who treats you right, your exes come back and bash them saying that it’s unreasonable to expect to be treated well

  10. NTS says:

    Larian has always been great. I’m glad they’re finally getting the recognition they deserve.

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