The Demon of Chillingham Castle. (w/ Daz)

The Demon of Chillingham Castle. (w/ Daz)

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Sam and Colby take Daz to ghost hunt the demon at Chillingham castle, UK’s Most haunted Castle. Daz Black helps reveal the truth about the evil history of this terrifying, paranormal castle.

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Big thanks to Neil Storey (historian) for giving us an amazing tour!
Check out Chillingham Castle yourself:

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The Demon of Chillingham Castle. (w/ Daz) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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31 Responses

  1. Sam and Colby says:

    Thank you for 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! enjoy the video and get our Haunted Dragon! Download Dragon City by clicking here: ALSO P.S. – we have already started editing the Conjuring house video too!

  2. Revorke says:

    Daz’s jokes and the tour guide are top tier this video! LMAO

  3. abiha says:

    Daz makes every scary thing 10x funnier, It’s actually an impressive talent.

  4. Sharknado says:

    Can we talk about how awesome that guide was? He really understood the assignment

  5. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    I love the historical aspect of Sam and Colby’s videos, I always ended up learning a lot of new things about places and History!

  6. Frags says:

    Congrats on 10MIL Sam and Colby! Its amazing to hear that Colby has recovered! 2 Great things at once, way to go!

  7. Sharknado says:

    I’m so happy when Sam and Colby get sponsored videos cuz they work so hard and they deserve all the sponsorships out there!

  8. FaZe Rug says:


  9. Plagued Zombie says:

    Instantly recognised Neil, spent an evening listening to him tell tales from Jack the Ripper and the times. He does a few evening events local to me. Truly loved seeing him in this video ☺️

  10. Kendell says:

    The tour guide and Daz made this video 2x better with their humor lol

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