These aren’t just normal shoes.. They were BANNED from the NBA.

#NBA #LeBronJames #HoopFlix

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#NBA #LeBronJames #HoopFlix

Previously REBOUND

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24 Responses

  1. Aayan kyeyune says:

    Your videos are the best videos I’ve ever seen

  2. Zack Hample says:

    Never realized how much I like sneakers and hate authority until I saw this vid. l Great stuff!

  3. BOUNCE says:

    Please, don’t make us wait 2 weeks for the next one!
    Your videos are just too good!!!

  4. I'm subbing to everyone who subs to me says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts in the videos for us😇

  5. Luffy says:

    Thank you for teaching me about the nba as I only started being a fan a few months ago

  6. Young Calb says:

    Jordan’s back then we’re 40 bucks💀

  7. Challenge1me23 says:

    this man don’t have ways to stop being fire 🔥

  8. Dominic Pineda says:

    Nah you could tell harden was drunk 🥴 when he said Adidas bout to be amazing

  9. J is the GOAT says:

    Ben Simmons might need the apls

  10. LAKENDRICK NIX says:

    Your video is amazing I love watching them every day

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