Coach Pierce’s Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Chiefs: ‘We Believe!’ | Raiders | NFL

Coach Pierce’s Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Chiefs: ‘We Believe!’ | Raiders | NFL

Go inside the locker room for Interim Head Coach Antonio Pierce’s postgame victory speech following the Raiders’ 20-14 win over the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 16.

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48 Responses

  1. @djprodigy96 says:

    How TF can you not root for this guy!!! Hire him Mark Davis!!!

  2. @Jumbopoptv says:

    I speak for all of us when I say hire this man as permanent head coach!🖤☠️

  3. @seanzibonanzi64 says:

    If Pierce isn’t coaching the Raiders next year, he’ll definitely be a head coach somewhere. This man’s earned his shot!

    • @youin24years says:

      No he won’t because he’s not leaving the Raiders. That’s his team. He didn’t even wanna disrespect the Raiders when he was playing against them… that’s how much he loves his team

    • @tanneredge9774 says:

      If he doesn’t get it, I’m done with this team.

    • @JoKer-eg3ur says:

      ​@@tanneredge9774 I could see your point for him but I’d like him to be assistant to Harbaugh for a few years

    • @gregmorgan9989 says:

      ​@@tanneredge9774I agree

    • @PhilAndersonOutside says:

      @@JoKer-eg3ur I see zero chance of that happening. If AP is not HC for the Raiders next year, he will be coaching somewhere else. He’s not going from this to a demotion. No one should have to accept that, and the players wouldn’t have it.

      If Davis hires Harbaugh, AP is gone. All you see here is gone. The entire atmosphere, and team will be different. If you think that’s the way to proceed, that’s fine. But there is zero chance AP stays behind as an assistant to anyone. It won’t happen.

  4. @1B2B-ReyA says:

    It feels different when you know… “WE GOT ONE”. That game was won by the Raiders, not lost by the chiefs.

  5. @matt26831 says:

    Refreshing to have a coach who is as passionate as the fan base is. He really is a fan on those sidelines. Great work AP.

  6. @philkibler4319 says:


  7. @DD-pt9qw says:

    I’m a Lions fan but man I love your coach. He deserves a chance to be the coach in 2024. I feel like he’s turned your team around. You get a better QB you guys will be killing it next year. This seasons not done so I will root for ya’ll.🙏💪

    • @mikemartin9751 says:

      We have a real QB he will develop and he has more wins than Payton Manning had in his rookie year. We don’t need some playground runner trying to throw the ball run play action and defence wins championships. Go raiders.

    • @TheRealKnightRaider says:

      Thank you for the bode of confidence

    • @48Ghostrider_ says:

      Thank you DD! Your team deserves a Deep Playoff Run as well. You also got my Wolverines Go Blue!!!

    • @boljo1213 says:

      ​@@mikemartin9751Aidin isn’t the QB of the future. Mark needs to hire AP, AP should keep the defense coaches and players in LV. Offense players solid with exception of QB. AP needs to bring in a new QB and OC if they want to make deep playoff runs.

    • @roysong1738 says:

      Thanks, DD. Happy for your Lions too…long time coming

  8. @brothatrife9923 says:

    I saw ankles being held for the cleanup stick. I saw helmets rolling. I heard pads cracking. I saw guys making plays. I saw the quarterback going down (AND going down hard!). I saw more empty seats at arrow head than I had ever seen before. I saw the Raiders offensive and a Raiders run game close it out. What I saw was Raiders Football. What I saw was Season’s Beatings! 👊🏽 Happy for you Coach! Proud of you Coach! Thank you Raiders! RAAAIIIDDDEEERRRSSS!!! Forward!

  9. @PhormerPhantomPhixer says:

    Been a fan for fifty seasons now. It’s so good to see life in the franchise. We are likely not going to the playoffs this year but AP and his staff have the team going in the right direction. We need to improve the consistency of the offense but that will happen. Defense is playing physical and with energy. Love seeing what this team is doing. Well done Raiders.

    • @mikemartin9751 says:

      52 year fan myself.I agree 100percent run the ball play action pass and tough hard defense equals wins AP and the kidd AOC deserve there jobs. Next yr.

    • @truone4254 says:

      We making the playoffs

    • @tigertony7724 says:

      Raiders keep fighting matter what !!

    • @thedefinitive6296 says:

      I’m so happy for you and Raider Nation! I’m from ATL so I gotta cheer for the Falcons. I get the pain lol. But AP got me excited to watch Raiders games and I too hope they keep him on as head coach because he has finally given them their identity back and a new fire to fight!

    • @louieperez3618 says:

      Plz let KC loose their next 2 games and raiders win their next 2 games … RAIDERS AFC CHAMPIONS

  10. @Lito-Lapid says:

    Damn! That speech gave me goose bumps. RAAAIIDDDEEERRRSSS!!!

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