Baseball Is In A Culture War

Baseball Is In A Culture War

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33 Responses

  1. Ryan Ansloan says:

    This is such an interesting inflection point for baseball and it’s notable how the MLB as an organization is trying to have it both ways, such as suspending Anderson but also using the suspendable offense as marketing. It’s so difficult to tell if this is a good move by the MLB for baseball or just a desperate move to get new fans but, either way it’s a welcome change to see fewer players targeted with baseballs moving at 95 mph.

    Really, though, it’s channels like this and Jomboy that are helping baseball. Telling stories in compelling, accessible ways to people who otherwise wouldn’t look into them is hugely important. Baseball has a richer history than any other major American sport and it needs to find a way to embrace that history while also embracing the 21st century, and fast.

    • Cody says:

      I have never watched a baseball game in my life, but over the last couple weeks I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole with this channel and jomboy. It’s incredibly interesting with a ton of awesome history, but I’d never have known that without these channels. MLB is really missing out on some big opportunity for marketing imo.

    • Zraknul says:

      It’s funny how the NHL, a game that permits actual fighting, has had players celebrating goals forever. There was a guy in the 50s who stuffed his stick between his legs, sat down and rode it back to the bench after a goal. A classic.

      It’s a game played for the entertainment of the fans. MLB needs to figure it out and stop punishing players for celebrating. No one is throwing at batters for pitchers punching and screaming after a big strikeout, and showing up the batter.

    • DanG says:

      Secret Base is good as well with the baseball videos they come out with

    • J D says:

      I remember the nfl suspending James Harrison for a hit then putting the hit on a poster and sold it on their website back in the late 2000s lol

  2. Kringweiser98 says:

    As a wise man in a different comment section once said, “this story is insane, luckily baseball doesn’t exist, so we’re good”

  3. Verlisify says:

    I can’t keep up with how much is going on with all this.. Thanks BDE for making a good checkpoint video

  4. LivelyParadox says:

    I have always been of the opinion: if you don’t want opposing players to celebrate make sure they have nothing to celebrate. Otherwise it has always just come off as being petty because you got bested imo

  5. Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW says:

    You are great for baseball. Baseball needs more guys like him and more who try to make the fans feel special.

  6. Cobra Llama says:

    “The only retaliation was a pitcher mocking him after striking him out.”

    THAT is exactly how players should respond to other players showboating. You strike a showboating hitter out, then showboat at him back. Or you homer off a showboating pitcher, then showboat at him back.

    • cr637 says:

      @– Only 30% of most teams’ revenue is from gate receipts. Most revenue is from TV deals.

    • Jordan says:

      It’s interesting that the hitting of batters went down, BDE didn’t really explain why. Except for the amount of bat flips have gone up, guess you can’t hit everyone.

    • -- says:

      @Bryce Bowen go read a book and learn English then when you try to make slick burns people can understand what you meant

    • Zraknul says:

      NHL has celebrating goals and permits fighting. Turns out the 10-ply softies don’t actually want to fight about celebrations, they just want to posture.

      When you take a dirty disgusting cheap shot? That’s when you get group fights. Teams need to start clearing the benches for throwing at players.

    • Bryce Bowen says:

      @– go read a newspaper or something old man, get better and you won’t get styled on

  7. HokiePitcher22 says:

    Watching Tony LaRussa waddle to home plate from the dugout was my favorite part of this whole video.😭

    • D 349 says:

      The old managers are hilarious. Dusty Baker stayed in the dugout for like an entire AB after being tossed today lol.

  8. Aiden Rae says:

    It’s funny cause the unwritten rules were invented as a sort of compromise so that players in the 1800s wouldn’t stop fighting each other on the baseball field during games

    • Zraknul says:

      NHL in the meantime allows fighting and has had celebrations forever. The fighting for a cause is usually because of dirty cheap shots that can injure people. Garbage like throwing the baseball at a player intentionally would absolutely be part of that.

  9. Sophia Miller says:

    I’ve been a Mariners season ticket holder for 20 years. I personally like where the game is heading. Pimp your home runs, the McGregor strut after a strikeout. It shows the players care, and it’s entertaining for the fans. I’m all for it. Times are changing.

  10. VeryOaty 89 says:

    As a pirates fan, watching Morel hit that home run was entertaining.

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