Beating Minecraft With a SHARED Account

Beating Minecraft With a SHARED Account

We are racing to beat minecraft, but everytime we die, we swap with another youtuber. We are split in two teams and we can sabotage, mislead and distract each other as much as we want. We can not communicate anything with our team mate outside of the game.

Joel’s Perspective:
Jimmy’s Perspective:
Scar’s Perspective:

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30 Responses

  1. Kami Xivi says:

    Grian being an evil mastermind is enough content for me

  2. ~•BREAD•~ says:

    I have no words to explain how absolutely entertaining Grian being Grian is.

  3. PJOZeus says:

    For those who are unaware, when throwing an item, priority on picking it up is given to the player who logged onto the world first
    So Joel joined before Grian and Solidarity joined before Scar
    It doesn’t matter who throws it, it doesn’t matter who’s closer (when both in range), it only matters who joined the world first
    Minecraft 101

  4. Jacob Keyser says:

    If I had a nickel for every time Grian trapped Scar in a death loop I’d have like three nickels

  5. WeeWillieWinkie says:

    the difference between joel being so peaceful willing to help the other players and grian being an absolute danger, thriving on the chaos.

  6. The Stoopidiot says:

    I love how Grian immediately resorted to sabotage and misdirection. He discovered Scar was utterly clueless and just instantly decided to disrupt the oponents’ communication.

  7. Quin says:

    Joel+Grian VS Tim+Scar is like putting a child against an NBA player

  8. LaserRex21 says:

    I’d love to see more of this Grian as much as I love hermitcraft it’s not as chaotic as this

  9. TheShadowFurry says:

    Seeing Grian trick Scar and mislead him is so perfect

    I would love to see Grian do a deathswap, those are fun

  10. PotatoGuy says:

    Scar: builds Minecraft’s biggest train
    Also Scar: “Oh you have a balloon”

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