Hurricane Idalia forecast & track: Tuesday morning

Hurricane Idalia forecast & track: Tuesday morning

FOX 13 Meteorologist Dave Osterberg says the Bay Area will likely begin seeing tropical storm force winds Tuesday evening as a result of Hurricane Idalia, which is expected to make landfall near Cedar Key, Florida, Wednesday morning.

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30 Responses

  1. Neena Speaks Truth says:

    I am not from Florida but can I just compliment how the newscaster is calm, confident, knowledgeable, and just makes you feel aware. He seems like he knows his job so well and is so friendly ❤️

    • Javier Rosado says:

      They’re use to it, also the people in florida

    • Danielle Owens says:

      Yes he seems very warm and charismatic

    • Buffy says:

      I’ve met Dave in person and watched him for years, he’s a really laid back guy!

    • johnwoa says:

      He is a certified AMS meteorologist. If you are not familiar with the Tampa Bay Area and the West Coast of Florida, weather forecasts and analyses have always been at this high calibre at WTVT Chanel 13 all the way from the early days of Meteorologist Roy Leep in the 1960’s to this very day. Weather is taken very seriously down there as it can often be deadly.

  2. firelt55 says:

    Prayers up for all my fellow Floridians in the path of Hurricane Idalia.

  3. Livin4Him says:

    Praying we don’t lose power in this heatwave and everyone stays safe.

  4. I AM EZEKIEL says:

    True Floridians know that the models are not certain until just hours before landfall. Ian was supposed to make landfall in Tampa but instead right hooked and the eye sat in my back yard in Placida with 207mph winds. Coastal folks do not take any chances.

  5. Justin Horn says:

    I’ve seen crews mobilizing up and down the State, they are ready to rock when all clear is given!

    • Yoel Reina says:

      I just hope the people of Florida are willing to be adults and kind rather than be insulting as usual and attack electric service providers because their power wasn’t restored immediately. I can’t help but remember all the horrible videos that keep surfacing after each power loss of very cruel people, insulting and attacking those responders.

    • Justin Horn says:

      @Yoel Reina Not us, We have bbq and beer to hand out to the folks working round the clock.

  6. Chris C says:

    This weather guy is amazing! Enjoyed him!

  7. MoffeewithCilk says:

    Be safe Florida, if we could take this in Texas we would.

    We seriously need the rain all across our state. 🙁

  8. Davot waynt says:

    Good morning florida. Everyone stay safe

  9. CD Cooper says:

    Watching from New Orleans Hope this stays on track and misses the Tampa area a direct hit could rival Katrina in destruction. Don’t want to see you go through that

  10. angelac55555 says:

    This too shall pass 🙏🏻

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