Destiny 2: Lightfall – Season of the Deep Launch Trailer

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Season of the Deep Launch Trailer

Saturn’s missing moon of Titan has returned, now overrun with Taken and Hive. Guardians must follow them into the deep.
Season of the Deep begins today.



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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

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51 Responses

  1. • volatile says:

    It’s nice to still hear Zavala’s voice after his passing. I’m gonna appreciate every line of dialogue we’ll get until the end. Rest in Peace, Commander

  2. Cayde-8 says:

    I’m so happy to still be hearing Lances voice in here. I know it’s all prerecorded, but I feel that it’s a great honor still being able to hear him even after he’s gone.

    • roshun eppenger says:

      Will you still appreciate it when they use AI to do his voice for the final shape?

    • JAX says:

      @roshun eppenger Will you?

    • Boots and Cats says:

      ​@roshun eppenger You’re delusional if you think they are seriously going to use an ai to replace him

    • Swailey HU says:

      @roshun eppenger Why would they do that though… I bet they will keep Zavala as long as there are pre recorded voicelines and they setup a heroic passing or something for the character. I really doubt they would do anything that scummy to such an incredible and loved actor’s memory and for one of the core vanguard after so many years.

    • Rollende Salami says:

      no one cares

  3. StressTree says:

    I actually like the season after the big yearly expansion better than the actual expansion

    • Chungo says:

      Seasons 2 and 4 are usually the good ones of an expansion

    • tompramana account says:

      @Chungo true, third season usually the boring state of the game, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Splicer was freaking awesome. Hopefully this year too.

    • Severi Lankinen says:

      @Chungo not gonna lie bro haunted was kinda ass, duality is mid and we grinded public events for 2 months, nothing but rose tinted glasses

    • Rigged says:

      ​@Chungo based af, Haunted last year was easily the best

    • Warv says:

      @Rigged Nah, nightmare containment and the opulent chest grind were absolutely horrendous, they ruined the whole season

  4. Quantum says:

    I’m honestly so happy that they didn’t increase the light level now we can truly focus on the main event of this season.

    • UrSoDead2Me says:

      EXACTLY! Love that. If they want to massively increase the power level for each expansion, I’m down with that because it fits the theme of leveling up to take on what’s at the end of the campaign. But from season to season, let us focus on the actual content. Great choice by them.

    • Ikon says:

      ​@UrSoDead2Meagree 1000%!
      Working a full-time job I literally just finished everything lightfall had to offer, if I had to regrind that all over again this season I probably would have skipped this season.
      Now I’m all in.

  5. Vextral says:

    I’m glad the drifter is back, I always thought he was one of the better characters in the game. Loved him since he came in Forsaken, can’t get enough of him. Except for gambit but that’s the mode itself

    • Sal1991 says:

      And his dislike of Cayde for no apparent reason.

    • Old Man says:


      When did he dislike Cayde?

    • Sal1991 says:

      @Old Man It’s one of his voice lines. “I didn’t know Cayde. Just knew I didn’t like him.”

    • Scoot Boot says:

      ​@Sal1991 Though, wasn’t he one of the people that wanted to find Uldren and end him after Cayde’s death? You can not like someone, but still respect them.

    • Remedie X says:

      ​@Sal1991 He respected Cayde, though. Probably didn’t like things he heard about Cayde being a reckless goofball. It is what got him killed in the end, unfortunately.

  6. Harrison Palmer-Fletcher says:

    Really happy to hear Zavala, but still incredibly sad knowing we’ve lost Lance, our Commander.

    Rest in paradise, Lance. 🕊

    • Sin526 says:

      “Rest in Paradise” I really like that a lot better than the sh*tty modern “rEsT iN pOwEr” that some people have adopted these days…

    • Harrison Palmer-Fletcher says:

      @Sin526, each to their own, my dude. I won’t judge anyone on how they grieve for someone. We all deal with and respond to losses differently at the end of the day.

    • Malice says:

      @Sin526 Imagine getting bitchy over the way some people express their respect to someone who’s passed just because you don’t like how it sounds. Stop causing drama, pay your respects like everybody else, and move on.

    • Sin526 says:

      @Malice Imagine trying to tell someone what their opinion should be, your name checks out.

    • kiss my corpse says:

      ​@Sin526 this is an incredibly weird thing to say

  7. Cpt. Mando says:

    I’m really excited for season of the deep because it might be the first time our guardians conquer our fear of the water

  8. Get Jelly says:

    Sloane really had a Heisenberg moment when she was talking about the danger

  9. Ace the raven says:

    Im more excited about this season than i was for lightfall

  10. naota3k says:

    I cannot explain how excited I am to see taken Gambit weapons.

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