Bells Hells Campaign 3 Opening Title 2023 | It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme)

Bells Hells Campaign 3 Opening Title 2023 | It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme)

Check out Bell Hell’s new animated intro for Campaign 3!

Animated by Kamille Areopagita, Kevin Areopagita, Mark Adams and Peggy Shi
Kamille Areopagita:
Mark Adams:
Peggy Shi:

Song Credits:
Song Title: “It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme)”
Written by Peter Habib & Sam Riegel
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Habib for Headphone Heist
Recorded at Stash Studios
Vocals by: Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham

YouTube Music:
iTunes & Apple Music:
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26 Responses

  1. AbydosianChulac2 says:

    The flash of Delilah caught me off guard. So impressed they packed so much into this short intro without it being incoherent.

  2. Izzylool says:

    Imogen resting her head on Laudna’s shoulder and her life lights up. I AM IN TEARS.
    Incredible intro!

  3. Dustin Petrisor says:

    Laudna’s form of dread being shown brings me so much joy. I flash back to every time she’s done it and it makes the visuals so much better

  4. Asabov Sobolo says:

    That quick flash of Laudna becoming the puppet with Delilah pulling the strings. Brilliance! Effin’ Goosebumps!

  5. Zeke Williams says:

    Laudna’s face when Imogen puts her head on her shoulder then going from darkness to light got me in tears. That was beautiful.

  6. Jill Guer says:

    Every single time I see the cast excited like this over their characters and the talent of others bringing them to life adds five years to my life

    • LuffysWaifu says:

      I literally SOB. What a blessing to do what you love most in the world, on (mostly) your own terms, with your absolute favorite people. The greatest inspiration and motivation to working hard and following your dreams.

  7. blackwaltzko says:

    when Ashton came flying out of the air with his potential images … goosebumps

    • picachufan2000 says:

      Right?!?! It makes me think of his potential as an echo knight if he ever wanted to go that way

    • Deathnotefan97 says:

      I kind of want there to be alternate animations with the other 3 rage types, and every episode they switch them out

    • exodore2000 says:

      Funny that was not how I imagined Ashton at all, but the rest were spot on.

    • Clara Prado says:

      The shift from imogen to ashton falling too!!

    • Rickrack says:

      @exodore2000 I see what you mean, they seem very young and almost childish with a soft, polished face, when they should probably have more sharp and hardened features like on the official portraits. I thought the exact same thing. I think it especially clashes with the hoarse voice Taliesin gave them.

  8. ChronoKeeper says:

    0:35 Love that the animators perfectly captured Ashley’s facial expression on Fearne

  9. ObsidianBlossom says:

    Love that Liam and Matt basically start crying from the offset. Animators did incredible work

  10. Aussiegamer96 says:

    The transition between Imogen and Ashton was so perfect. As well as the attack with rage it shows Ashton. Absolute class act of animation once again. Looks AMAZING!

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