Best Trash Art Wins $100,000! | Instant Influencer S2

Best Trash Art Wins $100,000! | Instant Influencer S2

I had 10 artists compete for $100,000! The challenge: make art out of trash. This was crazy!

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0:00 Intro
2:31 Meet The Contestants & Dayna
5:47 Wall Art Challenge
23:55 Judging
30:41 The Results
34:53 The Sign Off

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38 Responses

  1. ZHC says:

    Subscribe if you haven’t already and I might fly you out to compete in one of our videos in the future! All the contestants were subscribers and now they have the chance to compete for $100,000!

  2. ZHC Crafts says:


  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Imagine if ZHC had his series on Netflix

  4. JayD Green says:

    Dang I feel like Jadon had more to show but his team mate held him back

    • Rukhsana zulfiqar bajwa says:

      Yes she did I noticed to 😐😐 he was doing very nice but her team mate was very mean to her I wish that Jadan come back

  5. Krisentya Bernadez says:

    I feel like competitions like this represents how life truly is after being an adult. There are times when both partners fully understand each other, compromise and excel and there are others that just doesn’t fit together and better at growing apart. Everyone did a good job and please say hello to Mackenzie for me. Others might oppose but I’m a big fan.

  6. mrowomi says:

    I’ve been in the situation Jason was in so, so many times. It hurts to be in a group project and feel entirely held back with the decision making. He showed a ton of potential and definitely deserved to stay.

  7. BTS _ARMY says:

    I feel bad for Jadon, he looked he wanted to show more, but its his teammate was holding him back.

  8. ArtyJ says:

    Poor Jaden…
    Sometimes it’s hard listening to other people’s ideas and taking the downfall. But in the end, their art was amazing and they should both be really proud.

  9. skittle says:

    all the contestants are so good 👀

  10. Katherine says:

    The idea behind this video is just amazing. And I feel that all the participants are going to receive a significant push forward in their career just by being featured here, even if they didn’t win. Amazing.

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