Oregon at Ohio State | Buckeyes vs. Ducks in Top 15 Tilt | Sept. 11, 2021 | Highlights

Oregon at Ohio State | Buckeyes vs. Ducks in Top 15 Tilt | Sept. 11, 2021 | Highlights

Oregon RB CJ Verdell rushed for 161 yards, two touchdowns, and caught another touchdown in a 35-28 win over Ohio State.


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37 Responses

  1. LividxArmy says:

    And everyone said oregon was gonna lose😑🤝

  2. ???? ¿¿¿¿ says:

    Did not expect this it all and I’m a Oregon fan

    • keegala says:

      How did anyone not see this? A bunch of freshmen, a horrible defensive coordinator, etc. I’m an OSU fan (who bet correctly and won), and saw this coming halfway through the Minnesota game.

    • keegala says:

      @Jay Mula Exactly. Poor gormless turds who actually think this win will mean something by mid-November.

    • keegala says:

      @jacob ward Wow, get a life.

    • Isaiah Battle says:

      @Makaio Tuigamala no they need to shut tf up I didn’t disrespect nobody they just didn’t like what I said. Like if they claim they are huge fans of a football team then stick by them don’t just assumed that they are gonna loose and that’s what these bandwagon hoes be doing

    • Isaiah Battle says:

      @Will Unscripted wow lol I can’t wait to see what’ll say at the end of the season

  3. RC2788 says:

    Oregon Chip Kelly era = Focus on the offense with speed and tempo, Mario Cristobal era = Focus on a balanced team with strength and physicality.

    • Sarkastic 1 says:

      Much respect to Chip but Cristobal is getting these recruits coming in and he’s making Oregon a more physical team so we can compete with teams like Ohio state!

    • Zyme86 says:

      @undertakr I attended there when that was going on, I called it the Golden age at the time. I still think we are in the silver age now.

    • Zyme86 says:

      @K O bellotti did that, Chip took it to a new level.

    • keegala says:

      Mario is original that way. No on would ever think like he has. I mean, “Focus on balanced team with strength and physicality.” That’s like saying, “cut food, put in mouth, chew, and swallow.”

    • Frank Champion says:

      @Jack Smith 😂😂😂Chip won 4 straight I believe. Made 4 straight bcd bowl games. 2 Championship game appearances. 12 wins his last three years.

  4. DjDaDDyD 503 says:

    It’s funny living in Eugene and working on game days and how slow work is lol

  5. Garret Kresge says:

    3:30 Terrance Ferguson that man is a legend

  6. Howling Burd19 says:

    Just a reminder that Oregon came into the game as 15.5- underdogs xD

  7. robBears96 says:

    Oregon’s offensive line put on a clinic for the running game. They keep this up – gonna be a great year for them

    • Zyme86 says:

      We started 5 first year starters last year (our top guy sat out for the draft, fair enough he earned his high selection), they are really gelling with a full year together. Cristobal is a lineman by trade and prioritizes building from the big uglies out.

    • Austin Miller says:

      Buckeyes defense needs to start playing a lot better and having teamwork and playing as a team I got pretty upset at the officials there were some key calls that they did not call if it happens again they need to be fired I’m sick and tired of officials missing penalties

    • Zyme86 says:

      @Austin Miller It was happening for both sides, one example that sticks out is the attempted offensive initiation of contact in the endzone to draw a PI (which it offensive PI) that was not called. The refs let things play physicial on both sides in the secondary. You may have seen it more as ohio st passed it so much more.

  8. Kareem says:

    I love how these are the most important games…… until Oregon wins. These analysts/reporters are pathetic. Give Oregon credit when they win these big games.

  9. Marcus Grandon says:

    Worth watching the highlights twice! Congrats to Oregon. They looked like the better team in more than just the score.

  10. Douglas H. says:

    Key takeaways:
    Ohio State lost
    Oregon won

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