BFDIA 7: Intruder Alert

BFDIA 7: Intruder Alert


Music by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons
“Attribution 3.0”…
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31 Responses

  1. cheechms says:

    I can’t believe we’re finally finishing BFDIA after 10 years. This came almost completely out of nowhere and I can’t wait for what’s next!

  2. yukimistay says:

    It’s insane to me how easily they got it to be animated like the old stuff. It feels like they never stopped making bfdia.

  3. DeaconBirbSpy says:

    Glad we can finally wrap up BFDIA after 10 years in development. Hopefully, it will have been worth the wait.

  4. Leafy 🍃 says:

    This show literally improved my life, my personality got improved by the contestants that inspired me, making content based off each episode made me reach 400 subscribers on my channel, and the OSC itself made me meet many cool people, and i’m really glad it did. Thank you, BFDI! 😀

  5. Funny Larva Family says:

    This episode is the funniest episode by a landslide. I love it when Cary writes episodes! He’s really catering towards the older BFDI audience and I’m seriously all for it!

  6. • Retired • says:

    I’m surprised another BFDIA episode just came out so quickly, this proves the team takes so much effort into these.

  7. Jesus Christ says:

    This series is a pure example of, no matter if it seems hopeless, you can always come back bigger and better.

  8. Soccer_lover986 says:

    I’m glad BFDIA 6 wasn’t a one-off episode where we’d have to wait a while for the next one. I’m impressed, great work team!

  9. Plutonium says:

    Is it just me or does YouTube removing the dislike button actually help BFDIA? Like you can’t see who’s eliminated so it keeps the suspense up a ton.

  10. SilverStar says:

    I just did not expect for another BFDIA episode to release…I’m just so happy we can finally see these characters’ stories through!

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