We Need To Address Something

We Need To Address Something

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19 Responses

  1. Aura says:

    Me watching this on my living room TV while I put up my Halloween decorations 😂💓🎃 IT’S TIIIIIME!!!

  2. More Lexey says:

    At a time where a lot of YouTubers have slowed down on content & videos and the era of YouTube started to fade away… you and shane have created so much good content between MULTIPLE CHANNELS AND PODCASTS! For those of us who are still here and love the og YouTube- we thank you so much

  3. Jillian Eagan says:

    okay there’s something so casual but completely seamless and perfect about how ryland decorates your home. househusband goals.

  4. mbowlin1119 says:

    Coming from a 3 time mom, don’t stress yourself over the nursery! Give yourself grace and time if it isn’t 100% done that’s fine! Those babies are going to need to be within arms reach for a long long time! Just love on them and sleep when you can! Parenting is hard but so so worth it!

  5. Nuha Adams 19 says:

    I love witnessing the comprising relationship that they have,, Ryland absolutely not having the lights but still doing it is so cute

  6. Alecia Kay says:

    My depression is cured whenever there’s a vlog of yours, Shane’s podcast or a Shane video. Love you both 🥹❤️

  7. liz sanchez says:

    FINALLY A NEW VLOG! 😭 Those two weeks felt like 2 years 😅 Thank you Ryland & Shane ❤️ Can’t wait for Jet & Max’s arrival , they’ll be the luckiest babies with you guys as their daddy’s 🫶🏼

  8. Chenoa 222 says:

    As an idea for Shane…break out your christmas decor but dress them up in Halloween costumes. Mrs. Gingerbread can be a ghost of a mummy or something lol

  9. Natalie Weigand says:

    The cake shop prob starts their day at 3am to make all the amazing creations, so closing at 1 or 2pm is still likely a 12 hour day❤

  10. M Spears & Bobo Buddy the Senior Cat says:

    P.S. I know you sweet dads are going to be super busy after December 15th with Jet and Max, but please update us as much as you’re able, as you truly are 100% family to so many of us! 🤗🙏❤

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