Bianca Belair Shows Why She Is The EST In The Ice Tubs With Kevin Hart | Cold as Balls | LOL Network

Bianca Belair Shows Why She Is The EST In The Ice Tubs With Kevin Hart | Cold as Balls | LOL Network

From the ring to the ice tub, #BiancaBelair puts the EST in the Coldest, Bestest, and Hula-Hoopest in this episode of #ColdasBalls. From her love of pizza before a match to how she almost ignored a DM that started her career, Bianca goes deep with #KevinHart and we all just became bigger fans of hers. That new ice boy looked a little familiar too. #WWE


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34 Responses

  1. LOL Network says:

    Who should we get to be an honorary Ice Boy? No one can replace BamBam or Darryl, but tell us who could come close!

  2. Rashid Brooks says:

    The Montez Ford cameo is crazy i think he earned his own episode as well

  3. Deldrine Mattox says:

    This is now my FAVORITE episode it had me on the floor in tears laughing 😂

  4. Cooking wit Chef Zayy says:

    Now I need to see a show with Bam ,Darryl and Montez 😂😂😂

  5. Florida Love Clifton says:

    “I would take peanut butter out from my back pocket. Yeah, you would think it was sh*t.”
    Bianca’s reaction 5:10

  6. Ralph Miller III says:

    Bam is on 🔥 this season. He threw a chicken bone in Kev’s tub during the Khalil Mack episode and a slice of pizza this Episode😂😂😂 Everybody killin it😂

  7. Dub says:

    Bianca is so real, proof hard work paid off ✊

  8. GrapevineFires says:

    Bianca is such a star, she always comes across well in interviews outside the WWE

  9. The Booty Goonz says:

    I’m always in high anticipation for BamBam and Darryl to come out.

  10. Sidney Menifee says:

    When she slapped him with her hair, you can tell it hurt because his stomach jumped as a reflex of the pain😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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