How I feel about my loss… (+Announcement)

How I feel about my loss… (+Announcement)

In this video I recall what happened in my fight against doctor mike. Address some of the controversies. and talk about maybe there being a creator clash 2.

Thank you for your support everyone!
How I feel about my loss… (+Announcement)


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32 Responses

  1. Graham Stephan says:

    Well done man! Proud to be a part of it!

    • Haux says:

      @Don’t Read My Profile Photo darn it was about to read your name

    • Delerious Dinosaur says:

      Proud?? bro the creator clash is the cringiest thing that has ever happened on this website. I am so beyond disappointed that Ian did this. He has been going downhill ever since Full Force came out. This is so fucking pathetic for him to do.

    • Generic Whiteboy says:

      Actual legend

    • Lossn't says:

      gg graham you and michael had one of these best fights of the night

  2. GingerPale says:

    This is exciting :> you all absolutely killed it.
    looking forward to Creator Clash 2

  3. menameselassie says:

    This event was just beyond my expectations. Great job!

  4. Anonymous Bird says:

    Literally everyone I know thought this event was amazing. Me, who has no interest in boxing, my father, who loves boxing but isn’t into content creation, and one of my friends, who doesn’t like boxing or content creators all enjoyed the event so much. Expertly constructed, best event I’ve seen on the internet!

  5. Julien Vautour says:

    Bruh. Regardless of any of the outcomes. You raised over a million!!!!🎉🎉🎉 that’s a million reasons to do it again !!❤

  6. Lucas King says:

    Not only was your boxing really good but you showed some real toughness too. Could see straight away how much work you’d put in. Looking forward to seeing you fight again!

    • 2Kayoh says:

      great piano music didn’t think i’d see u here

    • Alehlete says:

      Lmao Mike was letting idubbz hit him cause Mike was destroying himself Mike was tapping him

    • MUSIC IMPACT says:

      @Logan McAfee no one is saying this is “high level boxing”. Like I said, this isn’t even comparible to amature boxing because most of these YouTubers have never even been in a fight and don’t actually want to persue boxing as their actual careers. They’re just trying to do something cool and do charity with it. I also wouldn’t lump this even with all the other dumb celebrity boxing events. This was completely different from them.

    • Logan McAfee says:

      @MUSIC IMPACT ? I said he did good for a first fight, I was just saying this isn’t good “high level” boxing cause people love to act like influencer boxers are better than they are

    • MUSIC IMPACT says:

      @Logan McAfee seems you didn’t read what I said…

  7. HUH? says:

    im gonna be honest, the reason it was more chill and fun than any ither event is because there wasnt anyone that REALLY took this super seriously.
    and with that I mwan they trainrd seriously and fought seriously to win bur there werent people bading their career on this and actively trying to go bro and have actual beef

  8. Julia Red says:

    This event was dope. You are setting the stage for other creator events like this. Thank you and congrats on this success.

  9. Chicken Within says:


  10. Ryan Frick says:

    I was amazed at some of the kill shown at this event. Michael reeves was amazing to see and I loved your fight.

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