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  1. Ami Agisi says:

    I love how Cesare is just a guy doing a job who employs all theater majors, whereas Steve is a theater major who employs people just trying to do their jobs

  2. Seraphin Satan says:

    It’s almost an insult to the industry as a whole that you haven’t broken 1mil subs yet. Every frame is beautiful, every musical note is a melody, the voice acting is surreal, and the story just becomes deeper each episode.

    • Zigeal⛧Faust says:

      People with real talent dont get subs.
      People who use others content for views like streamers/letsplayers/reactions get them.
      Trust me, I’ve been making original content for like 2 years with my music then see people who sell out to the meme of the week suprpass it.

    • DaBaSoftware says:

      I’m sure the million plus sub count is on its way

    • Aaron Radtke says:

      It is a shame that most of the time great art gets unnoticed. However, that not why great artist make great art. They make it because they must, and even if only one person sees it and enjoys it, then all the effort will have been worth it.

    • DaBaSoftware says:

      It literally got 250k views in 8 hours. I swear if it’s not over 1 million in the first few hours ppl lose their gd minds

    • Aaron Radtke says:

      @DaBaSoftware Oh dont get me wrong, 250k is no small feat. Worthikids deserves every single one of those views. Most of us just think more people should know about projects and creators like this.

  3. Louis Carroll says:

    I’ve never seen a series so fascinatingly comfortable in its own skin- this series is such an unique comfort and endlessly charming!

  4. Cheesy Thicc says:

    I’m blown away by Steve’s backstory. The fact that he came from outer space in a clown world is something I never expected. Along with that, the fact CATS is the reason he got banished makes me go crazy. This is such a fascinating story. You went over the top on this one Worthikids! AMAZING!!!

    • VigorousLethargy says:

      And that CATS is actually 9 billion years old.

    • Lucarleigho says:

      I always loved the implication that steve and cesare were actually weird guys and not just dudes in costumes, and now that theres confirmation its even better! the parallels are incredible

  5. Harmonie M says:

    Many people pointed it out, but I can’t get over how a throwaway gag from season 1 has been incorporated into the story, and in such an intriguing way too ! My favorite part has to be the eyes, especially when they sentence Steve to banishment. Your artstyle and ways of storytelling are so cool and satisfying to me, I can’t get enough of it !!

  6. tzhaar-rayne says:

    The realization that Steve’s lore was in the song “Up” the whole time has me shook. I was just jaw wide open this whole time. Insane. Rewatching. Thank you so much, this is always such a joy.

  7. Somebody Somewhere says:

    Worthikids is so powerful he not only pulls out full-fledged high quality animations but simultaneously improves the reputation of CATS

  8. Mattal says:

    Seeing references to previous animations was actually a chill inducing moment. Overjoyed to see how far, large, and bizarre the world of Big Top Burger has come 🙂

  9. TheSleeperShark says:

    This man is changing the way we see clowns and making us want clown lore. What a legend!

  10. ForMeNaTV says:

    Can we not forget that Worthikids MAKES ALL THIS MUSIC THEMSELVES!!!! and STILL puts out quality animations like this! TALENT TALENT!!!!!

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