The Box – Animator vs. Animation VI – Ep 2

The Box – Animator vs. Animation VI – Ep 2

Anything goes, in The Box


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Josh Ryba
LEAD: Luenfire
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31 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    PLEASE don’t treat DJ’s nicknames for the mercenaries as the official names:

  2. DarkSpino306 says:

    I like how each big villain is different:
    Dark Lord is a thrill-seeker, Purple is someone who wants to prove himself, King Orange is driven by tragedy, and Victim is just spiteful.

  3. Khalifa Binhendi says:

    I love the panic and shock they had when they found out that TSC is much stronger than he let on, and the Sentient drawings are the tip of the iceberg.

    • Speedydounut231 says:

      I agree. I also love how TSC was surprised too, he never remembered his own power, as seen by his lack of using it in the first episode.

    • Crimsonora says:

      you could practically see everyone in the room sh*t themselves when they realized they’d just captured and pissed off a SCP-001 proposal

    • Bruh🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

      ​@Crimsonoraelaborate brother

    • fub_juice says:

      not to be rude, but i think you meant tip of the iceberg

    • Exil Desert says:

      @Speedydounut231 Yep, they portrayed TSC’s shock perfectly. I think TSC didn’t even remember, since he fainted after he went “Super Saiyan”. They all seem to realize that he’s basically super powerful now, and I think it’s just setting up what’s gonna happen next.

  4. Kasulive says:

    Alan’s team really worked well on this, you can see all of the stick figures on the ending, red is the hot head and didn’t surrender, green surrendered but was still very aggressive, yellow helped his friends later, but blue just stood there. They really bring in their personality

  5. Sir Uncle Ned says:

    This stick multiverse is absolutely phenomenal. I am loving everything about this and how it tells a story with no dialogue. Keep up the amazing work!

  6. RoboGames says:

    Oh my god, I cannot express how amazing this was. I didnt think it would get better but it did, you can see the plot, their clear intentions, and you can see the glory. Everything here was amazing, and it can not get better. I think…

  7. Sairasu0 says:

    esse cara é muito bom fazendo essas animações para todos nós, demora mais sai bem feito, isso que importa.

  8. The Good Doctor says:

    Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue have officially broken the record for the WORST rescue attempt in animation history. They were on the compound for all of 10 seconds before being spotted on security cams and captured by the head mercenary.

  9. Josiah The Stickman says:

    This is just… amazing once again. This had me invested every second, and I’m so excited to see where the story continues! If there’s one thing certain, Alan Beckers always worth the wait. And I’m super glad The Second Coming finally knows that he does have powers. And everyone’s reactions made it all the better. I also hope The Chosen One and The Fighting Stick Gang (especially Yellow) will be ok, but Alan is really good at leaving his characters in peril, so I can’t be too sure.

  10. Jacob Rosenlund says:

    Amazing job Alan! The fight scenes were fantastic! Each punch carried tons of emotional and physical weight–I was right there with the characters, feeling similar fears and frustrations. Keep up the superb story telling!

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