Birth Story — Baby Seewald #5: Part 2

Birth Story — Baby Seewald #5: Part 2

Kids meet the baby and find out gender! Deciding on a name, and bringing baby home!

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28 Responses

  1. @iknowlinda says:

    Watching Fern fall in love with baby George is simply the sweetest thing! It makes my heart swoon! ❤

  2. @genxis6097 says:

    I think Fern looks SO MUCH like Ben’s mom! Anyone else see it? Congrats, family! ❤

  3. @JessicaWalkerGeorgia says:

    Congratulations Jessa and Ben, he’s absolutely beautiful! Seeing Spurgeon proudly fulfill his role as big brother waiting on you guys to come in was so sweet, you can see his love and adoration for his siblings💙. Ivy and Fern are going to be your best helpers, Mr. George has 3 mama’s🤭, so precious! Fern is so strong the way she moved him up, and at almost 10 pounds, that’s amazing. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Merry Christmas to your sweet little family Jessa, may your Christmas be filled with love, joy and making memories that will last forever. God bless you all💙🩷💙💙🩷🩷💙

  4. @annaaylward-murphy8288 says:

    Fern is ready to be in charge. ” Mommy let go.” So cute.

  5. @chandreabradford4105 says:

    Fern is such a perfect big sister! ❤ And Ivy is Jinger’s twin!!!! Congratulations again! 🎉

  6. @rollingwiththehollys6387 says:

    “It’s my George” 🥹 That’s Fern’s baby now Jessa! 💕

  7. @hoosierladyus48 says:

    George reminds me of my Michael. He was 10 lbs. 3 oz. When I delivered him, I thought I had given birth to a teen. Such a precious baby Ben and Jessa.

  8. @sharonjack8582 says:

    The LOVE present with all of you is so incredible and uplifting to see and hear. George is a wonderful name for him. It fits. I love seeing the healthiness of George and all of you. Jesus is all-powerful and loves us all. I thank Him every day for giving His-all so that we can have abundant life. Thank you, Jessa and Ben, for sharing your love and life with us. You are spreading Jesus’s Joy!!! ❤❤❤

  9. @dccd673 says:

    Fern is like my mom when my son, their first grandchild, was born (on Dec 19 as well!). I was young and was still living with them at that time. She’d hold him constantly lol. Eventually she learned to chill, I wonder if Fern will be like that too lol. A baby right before Christmas is the best gift a momma can get. Congrats to you and your family!

  10. @lauraleebaird9729 says:

    That is so precious!! Those girls are going to love George so much. The boys will be excited when he can start playing with them. The siblings all loved him so much and were so happy to see him. What a great Christmas gift!!

    • @cakerbaker9965 says:

      It’s so sad to see such a young woman saddled with so many children, and she’s nowhere near done.

    • @wendyouellette says:

      @@cakerbaker9965that’s what they’re used to and Jessa loves it. She’s extremely obedient to her dad. I can’t see her ever breaking away at all. I’m waiting to see when Kendra is pregnant again. She’s another one who got married and hasn’t had a break from having babies.

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