Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins | 2023 Week 16 Game Highlights

Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins | 2023 Week 16 Game Highlights

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45 Responses

  1. @aptellei6015 says:

    Props to the dolphins offensive line for allowing 1 sack for the whole game.

  2. @niptart1275 says:

    I had no dog in this fight, but this was a hell of a game by both teams. It came down to the wire, and both teams are definitely play off worthy. Congratz to the Dolphins, and their fans.

  3. @user-go8vx7zq8m says:

    What a great game by both teams. Congrats to Dolphins for making the playoffs. And cowboys for giving a great fight.

  4. @d8l835 says:

    I gotta give the backups some love here. The dolphins o-line had 1 starter playing, and 3 of the 5 are playing with injuries that they couldnt practice on during the week. This could have gotten out of hand quick, but they stepped up and showed out like real men, real professionals. Shout out to Liam especially, this fanbase has wanted him gone for 2 years now, this year he has pretty much always stepped up when needed, and at multiple spots on the line.
    Props to you big fellas, this win was on you as much as the kicker

    • @Don-md6wn says:

      The last 2 seasons have shown the value of coaching and McDaniel’s offensive system to the offensive linemen. 2 years ago they had had a different offensive line coach for something like 7 seasons in a row and it looked like the worst collection of offensive linemen in the NFL. This season they’ve played well with 9 or 10 different guys going in and out, and some of them are the same guys nobody thought could play a couple of years ago, like Jackson and Eichenberg.

    • @scienceownsimposters2142 says:

      Yesss sir kudos to the oline.

    • @jameshubbardr says:

      meanwhile the Cowboys backup OLine decided they hated Dak when they woke up lol

  5. @nosEL34 says:

    Prime example of how a good FG kicker can make all the difference to a team and game. My man was clutch on some big time kicks…MVP of the game imo

  6. @Lalitamohana-Sukriti658 says:

    CANCEL AWAKEN BEERUS! He ruined the sport with his correct score leaks. We have to work together to end this dude. EVERYONE comment CANCEL AWAKEN BEERUS

  7. @BCFilmss says:

    Sanders clutched up to the max, one missed field goal and we would’ve lost. Not to mention all the field goals before the winning one were over 50 yards.

    • @richstrobel says:

      Excellent game and he deserves a game ball. One was a 35 yard fg but still, three kicks of over 50 yards. That’s his best day as a pro and he set a personal record with the 57 yarder.

    • @SinaSoh says:

      He misses one kick, Cowboys win. Major clutch performance and he deserves to rub it in. Reminds me of Aubrey’s performance vs the Eagles 3 weeks ago. GG Dolphins and Cowboys for life!!!

    • @cj7139 says:

      One missed Field Goal and the entire game changes. Butterfly effect exists.

    • @BCFilmss says:

      @@richstrobel couldn’t agree more. Guy did exactly what he was supposed to do.

    • @Spookysexyes says:

      @@richstrobelhe said all the ones before the game winning field goal were over 50 that’s 3 over 50 including a career. High 57 yarder

  8. @Simrit-Parama76084 says:

    awakenbeerus you are a G! I was a fool before denying your predictions but posting the correct score of this game made me change my mind. AWAKENBEERUS THANK YOU!

  9. @joeanderson444 says:

    Sanders coming in clutch with all those 50+ yarders to help his team win! 57,52, and 54 is elite for one game!

  10. @HurricaneeJanee says:

    As somebody from Albuquerque, NM who graduated from UNM, you love to see an alumni do AMAZING things! Good job Jason Sanders!!!

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