Ian Reads Anthony’s Angry Letter

Ian Reads Anthony’s Angry Letter

Here it is…you did this to us.

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41 Responses

  1. MDViper says:

    Two bros, sitting in a studio, 5 feet apart repairing their friendship

  2. iamallamaninja says:

    The Smosh cast is full of mature and emotionally intelligent people, and it’s so nice to see.

  3. Mel Or something says:

    Ian and Anthony are so fundamentally different, it’s funny to see how they both respectively perceived their time together.

  4. Stephen Dworkin says:

    This whole saga of Smosh reuniting has been really emotionally intense. This is like a master class in conflict resolution and discussing feelings from a position of strength and maturity. I’m here for it; I hope all the viewers take this to heart and seriously learn something. You guys are doing a valuable public service, whether you intended to or not.

  5. Andika Hilman says:

    I feel like Anthony is the water to melt the rock that Ian is, and Ian is the wind to blow Anthony’s fire when it’s needed. I love you guys ❤

  6. Rune says:

    Ian is acting like a dad reading his kids book report

  7. Johnnie Guilbert says:

    You both are so mature for doing this and hearing each-other out.
    Glad Smosh is back and hope this was healing.

    • Konor Kaotic says:

      I see so many people in the comments talking about Anthony’s matureness throughout this but I like seeing some respect to Ian taking it so well too

    • Johnnie Guilbert says:

      @Konor Kaotic they both did great.

    • JSGaming27 says:

      Yes I love Ian and Anthony, I’m so glad they are back together and I hope Smosh keeps going for another 10 or 20 years. 😊😊❤️❤️💓💓

    • Punkk_ Frogs! says:

      I agree it can be very difficult to talk about stuff like this

    • Ayden Welton says:

      Since I don’t follow smosh a lot, can someone explain why they stopped being friends and working together?

  8. Justin Mar says:

    Ian reading some hard-hitting stuff and then just going “mmmmkay”…. Is pretty on brand for him 😂

    • dani hydrant says:

      He still has some learning and healing to do especially with his communication

    • Kunoichi4ever says:

      @dani hydrant I think its mostly that Ian does take stuff at face value.
      If you remember the first thing Ian asked before consenting to reading this in the past video was – when was this written. Once he got confirmation it was longtime ago and it is no longer how Anthony feels, he looked way more comfortable. I dont think Ian is the type to overthink, if you tell him the letter is no longer how the person feels, he will read it with detachement. Which is why they needed to communicate better, coz they have very different perceptions of the same reality. Anthony is the type to actively read into details, while Ian is the type to actively try to see things from above to get a better perspective. both perceptions are very valid, and creatively probably why they work so well together…but it also means that they will constantly experience the same moments and draw totally different conclusions.

    • haruuuuu says:

      if you’ve ever watched ian enough in any other video, you can see that he’s not the overly emotional type, but we can see his growth. he actively listens, provides input, doesn’t try to add anything that he doesn’t think is there. out of the two of them, ian is definitely the one that doesn’t have a tendency to overthink or overanalyze anything, and is generally trying to make a positive experience about even something bad. he said the same sort of thing in the first video when they sat down together. he just wasn’t equipped w the right tools to open up but it’s also not necessarily in his personality either. i think, between anthony clarifying that a lot of it was his own misinformed, misunderstood, overanalyzing self-judgements being projected outwardly, ian could reflect better on what he did wrong (and then owned up to) and not give much attention to the things he felt weren’t accurate or just didn’t need any extra clarification. ian strikes me as the type of person that might seem closed off but he’s actually warm in different ways. his body language speaks louder for him than his words or tone do.

    • Nightshade says:

      Oh no the YouTube comments are psychoanalyzing Internet personalities again

    • Jovis says:

      ​@Kunoichi4ever🧐 damn. Can you be my therapist?

  9. Esther Ruol says:

    The fact that the letter wasn’t all that bad, wasn’t all that crass or demeaning shows how great Anthony is. Like a truly wonderful human being who is still considerate and leaves room for the benefit of the doubt even when he’s angry. Long live Smosh

  10. Hayden Hilker says:

    This was soo healing. I wish me and my old best friends could be this honest with each other😭 1 million likes here we go!

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