Michael Bisping reacts the Sean Strickland dominating Israel Adesanya over 5 rounds. Strickland – 6-1 underdog – dropped Izzy early and out-kickboxed Izzy for 5 one-sided rounds.

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38 Responses

  1. Michael Bisping says:

    INSANE result that no-one saw coming! What a sport! Biggest upset of all time?

    • Kris Scott says:

      second to cyborg vs nunes

    • B Luis says:

      Only causals thought Izzy was going to win. Bisping keep coping with your dog lovers lost.

    • shaun says:

      it’s up there with buster douglas.

    • Ron Richard says:

      Bisping do not lie, dogbender fought twice a year after becoming champ and coward ran away from Alex rematch and then scared of Drikas. And his bum coach said he should fight injured so that Gynosaniya can win. Strickland fought thrice in 6 month. He is more active than Gynosaniya can ever be.
      I know UFC guys are mostly Dana’s pet. But it is ye channel and not UFC channel so have some balls to speak the truth.

  2. Josh says:

    I don’t think people realize Sean had his first pro mma fight in 2008. 28-5 record over 15 years is impressive.

  3. Hats502 says:

    Strickland’s defense is insane, never thought he’d win in a striking battle. It wasn’t that Adesanya didn’t show up, Sean just gave him nothing. The fact he won over 5 rounds showed this was no fluke. No immediate rematch needed, that was a very convincing win

    • charming_farang says:

      You hear pros and training partners speak about how good Izzy is at making people move and manipulating them into positions and space that Izzy can create shots from . Like you said Sean basically drowned him. His ability to move in and out of range within inches and save so much energy while creating so much pressure. Amazing performance by Sean

    • viljamtheninja says:

      Exactly. Izzy did show up, Strickland just dismantled him. Izzy was the same he always is, but while he is an excellent counter striker who can defeat any crazy offense, he couldn’t handle a perfect defense and solid boxing fundamentals. Pretty funny how that works out.

    • Nathan Sackett says:

      The formula is out there, izze is done. Slow steady pressure just inside kicking range, coral to fence where izze will try and move laterally and be evasive at which point he exposes himself to damage!!! Not sure many other fighters besides perriera and Sean can do it but that seems to be the key. Izze is gonna retire, just watch. He ran from glory once he got exposed there and he’ll do the same now. He’s soft and arrogant! he’s a rich kid with massive God given talent who’s mommy and daddy funded his career. He thinks fighting perriera 5 times is facing hardship???Sean clawed his way out of Riverside, away from the neonazis and meth and FOUGHT his way to the top!!!!!

    • Josh says:

      Styles make fights and Strickland is a pure boxing style that walks you down. He essentially did exactly what Kelvin Gastelum did. Izzy has issues with this kind style of fighters because straight punches beat looping punches and Izzy has literally only KO’d guys via looping punches and counters. Strickland did his homework, and Izzy will really need to watch some tape if he wants to make it competitive against Strickland a 2nd time. I know it makes no sense because Izzy is such a amazing striker, but his entire arsenal is based off angles and counters that can’t create with Strickland. But honestly, I did not think Strickland would dominate, I just knew it was going to be competitive. He did train with Periera for this fight so I’m sure he definitely gave Strickland the best strategy.

    • Josh says:

      @Nathan Sackettwrong. It’s called making adjustments. Like McGregor can easily go into a boxing stance or karate stance at any moment of a fight to change up angles and movement. It’s far from over chief

  4. SuperHoodCat says:

    “The schedule that Izzy had been on is tremendous.”

    Sean fought two main events in the row on like a weeks notice. Then fought again a few months later, and then fought for the belt. Four fights in under a year.

    • Kryhme World says:

      Yes but downplaying how active a champion Izzy has been is crazy

    • Elizabeth Strong says:

      The pressure on Izzy was way more as he was the champion.

    • John global says:

      ​@Elizabeth StrongIzzy was clearly mind Fffd all those weirdo dog posts and vid clearly effected him. And Sean put on a clinic out there. The fact he ditched hlthe post fight presser and had his coach do it speaks volumes. Also coach already rolling out the excuses claiming he could barely walk 2 weeks ago.

    • young eazy says:

      ​@Kryhme World great champion but his time is over

  5. Fresh Hawaii says:

    Anyone in the UFC has a puncher’s chance against an opponent. What Sean did was way more impressive than a K.O. He walked arguably the best kickboxer down for five rounds always advancing, landing a higher rate of significant strikes, and did not get hit much at all. That was wild.

    • Chef Savage says:

      In other words, he whooped his ass

    • LC says:

      Exactly. I’m so glad he didn’t finish him in the first, everyone, including myself, would have said it was a lucky punch and a great finish but he wasn’t the better fighter. 4-1 takes all credibility out of the doubters mouths. And not going for even 1 takedown makes it even more impressive. Nobody expected this.

    • Ivan Hernandez says:

      Agree if had he KO him in the first u could have argued for the rematch but he went on to dominate him some say 4-1 but that was a 5-0 what rematch? Get du plessis or chimaev in there

    • Ivan Hernandez says:

      I rather see strickland vs perrira 2

    • Ivan Hernandez says:

      Wheres Bo at ? He should be mouthing off rn

  6. Butteritto says:

    I couldn’t be happier for Strickland. Dude came from nothing and earned that belt!

  7. Erazmus says:

    He won the belt walking Izzy down using the Philly shell. What a legend.

  8. Colossus Tone says:

    Sean whooped his ass.

  9. Crushed Scouter says:

    I gave Sean the 30% punchers chance before the fight. To dominate for five rounds in the way that he did was absolutely unbelievable as I was watching it. I thought he was going to get robbed of the decision. Props to the judges for giving perfect scorecards across the board. And most of all props to THE LEGEND Sean Strickland for his masterful performance. You’re an inspiration.

  10. Michael Mashburn says:

    Sean is the only man to win over the audience in enemy territory and take the belt home 😂

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