Brawl Talk! The most OP Brawler is FREE?!

Brawl Talk! The most OP Brawler is FREE?!

Brawl Stars is getting a new update, and it’s packed with content! Watch it now and tell us your favorite part of the Brawl Talk! #brawlstars #brawltalk #starrtoon #brawlidays


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37 Responses

  1. @aligamermain says:

    5v5 is gonna be extremely chaotic

  2. @4RILDIGITAL says:

    Super stoked for the new Brawlers, especially Mico with his incredible jumping ability! And those Skins are beyond cool.

  3. @NiebonBluSky says:

    I hope that Larry and Lawrie will get a gadget that switches which one you control, and the thrower becomes a bot, or it could be a starr power

  4. @connernielsen says:

    I think you should keep the tokens instead of xp. It makes the game seem more original and unique and not like it’s just copying every other game. Plus, it sounds just cooler.

  5. @pankace3296 says:

    3.4 million views in 5 hours? Brawl Stars is in such a good place right now, congrats devs!

  6. @eliasguzman6987 says:

    Imagine just imagine that you could control the twins brothers like for example, if Larry die, you could control Lawrie if he still alive or in the map and Lawrie will have different star powers and gadgets than Larry have. But don’t think it possible but just a suggestion. Right.

  7. @RealLex says:

    _in Buster Voice_

    *It’s Time to start the show!*

  8. @josiahperea5062 says:

    Im starting to get flashbacks of how it was with 9 Edgar’s in each match every single match. I know it’s about to be the same exact way this year, and you know what? Im genuinely excited. Not only for the nostalgia, but for the buzz as well.

  9. @alejandrocochachinsalinas7650 says:

    The only thing missing would be voice audio to communicate with friends in each game

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