Kitsune Trailer & Showcase!!

Thursday 9pm EST / Friday 9 am Indochina Time

Update will include mythical Kitsune fruit, and mini ship update combined! More ship content coming with our Christmas update in 2 weeks!

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All music is from epidemic sounds

Song Credits:
Artist: Trial & Error
Vocal: kikyow ( )
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi ( )
Kanshou Resistance:…

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41 Responses

  1. @yTowak says:

    Kitsune Beautiful 💙

  2. @TDDKeris_UL says:

    This seems to be a good anti-teamer fruit. Flashy, incredibly fast and all over the place and can drag others. Plus I see amazing combo potential with Kitsune and Fox Lamp

  3. @natanaelfelipe4777 says:

    There’s something I’ve dreamed of seeing in blox since I started playing, collision between attacks. Being able to defend attacks with other attacks or barriers will be simply incredible, using the ice X to stop attacks for example. This would definitely change the blox combat style, as well as making it more complex and, in my opinion, interesting and undoubtedly more beautiful.

  4. @jacksonthecatyt says:

    Love the idea of tails replacing fury in this fruit that just spices up the game 10/10 models too

  5. @user-ni5uh7kj9d says:

    I think there should be an exchange of materials in an upcoming update soon. I hope you will take this into consideration in my opinion.

  6. @KittGaming says:

    Wow this is going to be good!!

  7. @idkurmom-po7px says:

    As spammy as this is, I’m glad you can’t spam forever due to the tails meter. Also, the transformation doesn’t look super broken and people may actually need to rely on combos. I also like the f move with it being a dash and not a flight or spam move. The fox lamp I can see being more annoying honestly.

  8. @Jabbodoesathing says:

    This fruit is amazing, it exceeds my expectations drastically and I respect the work put into it but I think that dealing damage should speed up getting tails

  9. @user-vd9qf8kf4m says:

    Just saw the end of the fox lamp and I look so good to like the combo potential with the fox land in cats. A fruit is so good like if you do all the dashes, do you like one AOE move and then like transform and then do it, and it would be crazy the combo potential it has.

  10. @Nightmare_Puppteer says:

    I never thought Blox Fruits could make me change my fav fruit…
    Kitsune is almost everything I wanted put together. A fox, blue flames, water-walking, etc.

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