Testing the *NEW* Valorant agent *ISO* at Riot HQ… he’s overpowered…

Testing the *NEW* Valorant agent *ISO* at Riot HQ… he’s overpowered…

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Thank you so much Riot for inviting me and a plethora of content creators out to their headquarters in LA! We had the privilege to playtest the new agent and get a ton of swag/merch for the release! ISO, Valorant’s newest Duelist agent is going to be so overpowered!

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41 Responses

  1. DaTwee says:

    Tbh he dosent seem that busted. The ult is 100% skill, his util is small enough to cut off fights in creative ways. Seems pretty solid

    • PugsPlaysUke says:

      I do feel like his push could definitely be better, it seems like it does very little compared to other duelists util

    • SubZ3ro says:

      i kinda think hes gonna suck, his ult is pure skill and can backfire as opposed to many free value ults, his Q seems kinda bad, and his C seems map dependent. E seems good but he has very little entry potential, every other duelist has either movement or flashes

    • DaTwee says:

      @PugsPlaysUke better than that useless rag Reyna

    • Sports says:

      @DaTwee might become the reynas lol (i play reyna 😭)

    • PugsPlaysUke says:

      @DaTwee true, but Reyna can at least blind. This guy is stuck with shit an initiator should have

  2. Royale ops says:

    Idk how I feel about this new agent but he seems fun to play

  3. slix says:

    He’s not too overpowered but can be incredibly good if you use his kit perfectly, he’s something like reyna where you’d play good with him purely out of mechanics so he can be great for solo q

    • 79what43095430random says:


    • Karma says:

      I don’t see him being very popular.. or at most for his ult. and I kinda don’t like how they went for the “get rewarded for a kill” route like Reyna. you’re almost never gonna get value out of it cause the second u get a pick you’re not gonna have time to shoot at this random ball that can appear ANYWHERE. where as Reyna u get a pick click a button and you’re safe to fall back to cover but it just doesn’t matter if you don’t get a pick, and his util doesn’t really help him get one.

    • Karma says:

      I just don’t think a character should only have value when you’re INSANELY skillful as that’s literally only like 10% of the player base.

    • Bane Hunter says:

      @KarmaWell, I feel like agents like this are fun for the game since all you need to do is aim, which is pretty easy. I do think his pushing util is not as good as the other duelists, but he seems balanced to me ( since his ult is just a 1v1 and people can camp the exit spot)

  4. Ollie. says:

    the ult is singlehandedly gonna bring me back to the game just to test the agent. absolutely awesome

    • Vezkalin says:

      true, but i think the ult should reset at least one time if u win the 1v1, fr

    • Karma says:

      It looks really cool but whether you get a kill or not is a 50/50 and I don’t support that.

    • NotCal Bailey says:

      Yeah ive always thrived off 1v1s. Gonna go thru a val phase when he comes out i can already tell

    • Zac says:

      ​@Karmafrom what I can tell you can pop out from the left or right panel so they have to watch a way wider angle while you only have to watch one panel so to me it is more leaned for you to win

  5. Bunkerpenguin24 says:

    Looks insane 🙂 hope riot doesn’t nerf him too much

    • Unknow Legend says:

      Nah he isn’t as op as he looks

    • LuxSokaris says:

      He needs skill. you need to win 1v1 without flash in the ult (the other one has full kit).

    • Bunkerpenguin24 says:

      His ult isn’t what I think will get nerfed, I think his double tap ability will get nerfed

    • Spit Fire says:

      Tbh he needs a buff. If he dies in his ult it should be like phoenix ult where he respawns with full health instead of actually dying.

    • Karma says:

      @Bunkerpenguin24 how so? as long as you trade teammates it’s useless, you’re looking at a floaty orb while someone’s putting bullets in you. all of his util requires skill and thinking. so it’ll only have value in high elo.

  6. Yaitari says:

    Now this is what I call a DUELIST

  7. Yadu Krishnan says:

    “Come on. I’ll flash and we pu-”
    Iso : “Welcome to the wild west.”

  8. Alocon53 says:

    I might actually play duelist more with this dude omg

  9. Zachery Blackburn says:

    His ult has a 50% chance of killing you, and if you win you can still die like Phoenix out of his ult. That’s at least a 60% chance of instant death

    • Mhmd says:

      What makes it good is that you can do it through walls. If it covers the site, take a safe spot, kill the anchor, and the site is yours.

    • Henry says:

      I’m the initial 1v1 it isn’t 50/50 because you have more preparation as you are the one starting the ult and you have more wall to play with while they only have 1

    • Ryan Hoang says:

      nah the ult gives him a slight advantage since the enemy has a 33% chance of preaiming where you will peak while you know exactly where they are

    • Karma says:

      @Mhmd yeah but getting the person you want in your ult isn’t even guaranteed so it sucks even more.

    • Karma says:

      @Ryan Hoang tha’ts only if they decide to peek before the walls drop. if both players wait for the wall to drop its whoever swings their crosshair to the others head first.

  10. The Card Game Masters says:

    This looks like so much fun!!! Gonna have to try iso out when they come out.

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