BREAKING! Lionel Messi LEAVES Barcelona | The Transfer Show

BREAKING! Lionel Messi LEAVES Barcelona | The Transfer Show

Breaking news from the Transfer Show as Barcelona have revealed that clug legend Lionel Messi is to leave the club this summer.

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58 Responses

  1. XY Z says:

    This transfer window will go down as one of the most unpredictable window ever and it’s not even over yet.

  2. Fungusz _ says:

    It’s a shame there was no “final game” celebration

  3. Will Tang says:

    BREAKING NEWS: “Harry Kane reports to White Hart Lane for pre-season training”

    • Oisín O'Sullivan says:

      @WeSpiced Memes you say “oh ok” but do you actually understand the joke?

      The guy’s saying that now Messi is available on a free, City will go for him instead of Kane so Kane will have to report for training at Spurs cuz City won’t want him anymore

    • Oisín O'Sullivan says:

      I think City should sign both Kane and Messi though

      Imagine this front three:

      LW- Grealish ST- Kane RW-Messi

    • WeSpiced Memes says:

      @Oisín O’Sullivan oh ok

    • The NDstructible1 says:

      @Oisín O’Sullivan this is the deal we want every player and you pay them but they play for us. You also have to pay us £160,000,000 and £1,000,000,000 per goal scored That is the price for Kane the world

  4. Jon tyler says:

    I can not believe I’m hearing the words “messi is leaving Barca” wow all the memories and tears will not be forgotten. thank you for making Barca one of the powerhouses of football

  5. sij 80 says:

    Everybody is acting like Pep can’t still get him. He’s just gonna sell Jesus and Sterling/Mahrez. Man city are loaded. That and the above off loading and they are sorted. Messi would prefer to play for Man city.

    • sij 80 says:

      @LLTV nah you’re right. Plus someone mentioned Manchester ain’t exactly the Barcelona of england

    • No1cares says:

      I doubt his family would be too chuffed about having to leave Barcelona and move to Manchester at this stage in his career just for a year or two before he retires anyway. I reckon he goes somewhere glamorous & warm so his family is happy or he just retires

    • Jojo Dawide says:

      I think that’s a better to do sign Kane and messi get rid of sterling and mharez

    • Vegem says:

      @Absolute Clutch Not Boca jrs . He is a renowed Newell’s supporter and I would say River plate too. Aimar his football Idol played for River too.

    • Andy Pender says:

      @jordan turnbull so man city is bigger than Chelsea 🤔

  6. 4EveMAnu says:

    BREAKING NEWS!: “Grealish fails his Man City medical after Pep Guardiola pushed him off the exercise bike”

  7. Dave Adrian says:

    Pep, calling Aston Villa: Yo, I still got the receipts

  8. Ge ek says:

    When he wanted to leave, he was forced to stay and when he wanted to stay, he was forced to leave.. Thts way too cruel man. Hope he does well wherever he goes

    • fleshnbone187 says:

      @Shaan Shergill Why would I feel sorry for them? They are living the best life anyone (child or adult) could wish for. Players with families change clubs all the time, I don’t understand why Messi is a special case even if he’s played for the same team all his life. Also, if it’s so hard on them, they can still continue living in Barcelona while daddy goes to work in another country for a couple of years. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

    • Shaan Shergill says:

      @fleshnbone187 u realise that for kids material things don’t make up for relationships with friends (for adults too but kids moreso) , they don’t want to leave their friends behind, your last point I agree with tho I never thought of that

    • S M Haryanto says:

      @Peepyopee but his wages is too high, around $600k per week…

    • Sylvester Banini says:

      @Seyam Rahman oh no only 250 million

    • RealShureym says:

      Hes a billionaire

  9. Maximillionares That's Football says:

    Poor Aguero he definately would want to play with his Argentina mate

  10. Kay-DC says:

    Man City right now: “So, there’s still a 7 dat return policy right?”

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