Breaking Minecraft with your Dumb Ideas

Breaking Minecraft with your Dumb Ideas

This is it. The ultimate test to find out if you can destroy my PC. In this video, your goal is to crash my game or at least make it unplayable. If my computer can survive, I get a point, but if you surpass it and crash the game, then you get a point. And, in the highest stakes battle we’ve ever seen on this channel, I have to buy an RTX 4090 if I lose. Strap in folks! Prepare for the longest, most intense, and highest stakes Breaking Minecraft video you’ve ever seen!!

If you haven’t seen the others before this, they’re also very fun to watch! I highly recommend them!
Here’s a playlist:

Mods/Additions included in this video:
► Essential Mod (Zooming & Multiplayer):
► Carpet Mod:
► WorldEdit:
► Place Water in the Nether:

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Special Thanks to these guys for being a part of today’s video!
Cammaganza (Cam)

== Internal PC Specs ==
► EVGA Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti 👀👀👀
► AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (12 Cores, 24 Threads)
► 64 GB DDR4 RAM
► NZXT N7 B550 Motherboard

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41 Responses

  1. Knarfy says:

    Hey… you should like the video! I’d appreciate that! 💜

    Also, here’s a thing I never promote, follow me on X Twitter Word Website!

  2. Golden Drake says:

    Knarfy is back to cooking his pc… Medium rare or Well done?

  3. goldfish says:

    seeing knarfy being able to place water in the nether just broke me..

  4. Cody H says:

    Legend has it Knarfy had to buy a new 4090 because he dropped his right after he got it.

  5. SilverYT says:

    use a 4090 with the sodium mod, which makes the processing on minecraft go to the gpu instead of the cpu.

  6. EvanGhostboy says:

    Place as many dripstone on floating gravel with anvils on top as possible. I hope that works lol.

  7. The Golden Floof says:

    Ya’ know how the gravel flatworld from a few episodes back was pretty close to crashing? You should make a flat world with 2 layers of sand, and on top of that sand, put like, 10 layers of cactus so when the sand falls, the cactus breaks as well. The gravel idea plus the sugarcane idea basically but without the sugarcane breaking instantly cause there’s no water

    • Milo Lambert says:

      I had the same idea but better, instead of 1 layer of sand, make it 5, and 1block layer of tnt. Also make the cactus go to sky limit. Ignite tnt, aaaand point for the comments!

  8. Yooli8537 says:

    You should use the immersive portals mod and the carpet mod. Make an infinite portal loop (one portal at the bottom, one a few blocks above) and set the tick rate to max. Then put 674 wardens in there

  9. SaturnFrosch says:

    18:15 over 2 layers the sugarcane doesn‘t break because it can‘t grow so there are no automatic block updates. However when you manually break one this triggers a block update so the sugar cane breaks.

  10. Skylight_Dreamcloud says:

    “Oh, this poor village.” I will never forget Knarfy said that before proceeding to rain fire down on the poor village.

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