BREAKING NEWS: Carlee Russell found alive, taken to UAB Hospital

BREAKING NEWS: Carlee Russell found alive, taken to UAB Hospital

Per the Hoover Police Department, the Hoover 911 center received a call at 10:45 p.m. that Carlee Russell had returned home to her residence. Hoover Police and Fire responded to the scene to evaluate Carlee and transported her to a local hospital for more evaluation. More details will be provided when they become available.

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36 Responses

  1. Lady Freedom’s Raw Narratives says:

    We don’t get a lot of happy endings when it comes to situations like this. So happy she is safe and back with her parents. ❤

    • lover2ed says:

      I got a happy ending after my massage. What’chu talking bout Willis 😂

    • Jen B says:


    • Jane says:

      She will never help anyone again

    • VeronicaLCS says:

      And when do kidnappers drop you off at home? It was a hoax. C’mon! And now the family who pleaded for her, I prayed for this woman, will ask for privacy and everyone will stop cooperating with police bc the young woman was not kidnapped or trafficked as all of these armchair sleuths speculated. If this was indeed a hoax, shame on her bc there are true missing women and children.

    • RumHam says:

      @VeronicaLCSwhere did you see details that gave you this impression? I haven’t seen anything. My general thoughts so far was that she was snatched and escaped.

  2. Nevaeh’s Journey says:

    Thank you guys for continuing to update us. Thank you guys for the initial coverage. Thank you guys for aiding Carlees safe return home. The lord is so mighty. Our community is so relieved. I’m so happy that Charles’s parents get to see their baby girl and continue life together.

    • Peggy Graham says:

      The Lord had nothing to do with this or it never would have happened.

    • AngelAWill says:


    • MsBdoll87 says:

      Why wouldnt it have happened? He let His son who did nothing die on a cross for us sinners to be saved from hell. We may not understand everything He does, but best believe He has a purpose for everything. The ultimate goal is to get us back to Him when we die.

    • Nevaeh’s Journey says:

      @MsBdoll87 Amen and while we’re here there’s work to be done. Restoring his kingdom rule on earth. I pray that Carlees return will lead to justice for not only her, but victims who aren’t known as well.

  3. Kaitlyn Sheil says:

    So, so grateful she’s okay, & hope she recovers mentally and emotionally as well. A young woman trying to do the right thing, trying to ensure the safety of that child…I couldn’t imagine the amount of devastation her family, friends, and community would be caused had she not been found. Also, so glad this story received the attention it deserved—the attention Carlee deserved. Keeping Carlee and her loved ones in my thoughts and in my heart.

  4. Sam N says:

    Regardless of what actually happened, I pray that she gets the help and support that she needs.

  5. Kayla Bean says:

    Thank God! This story shook me so bad! We’re literally the same age and I’m afraid that I probably would’ve tried to help too, a lesson learned for all of us to be more cautious and let the police handle it

    • MsBdoll87 says:


    • The Sun & Moon says:

      Thank goodness for cameras on these freeways….. they can tell a story better than we can. Some of us don’t be thinking about the eyes in the sky before we put a plan in motion….. I’m wondering where the kid is she was trying to help! Why ain’t no one asking about the kid?!?!

    • SeminoleStrong says:

      ​@The Sun & Moonthat’s a good question, but I’m sure they will get to that later. Right now everyone is happy Carlee has been found safe and sound 🙏

  6. FireCracker3240 says:

    What a wonderful outcome to this situation! I’m so glad to hear that she’s alive and home safe. Well done to everyone that made a ton of noise and got everyone out there, never giving up. ❤

  7. Chelssums says:

    The SMARTEST thing she did, and I will forever learn from this, was that she called 911 BEFORE she went to help the child. Then she called her cousin. This ensured that people knew she was missing IMMEDIATELY when something bad happened rather than 12 hours later come morning time. Many females can learn from this very intelligent thing that Carlee did. As a young female myself, I would’ve immediately gotten out of the car to assess and THEN called 911. What Carlee did is something we can all learn from. I am so happy she’s home.

    • Tingly Kari ASMR says:

      Yup!! If it weren’t for that, the police would have chalked it up as she’s grown and decided to “ run away”. The abductors realized that she was getting more press than they expected and released her.

    • Elodie Elvira says:


    • Tracey Taylor says:

      Absolutely 100 percent agree that calling 911 first before going to child helped get a track going for her. Excellent advice that I will take for myself! As a former child social worker, this story falls heavy on my heart. Glad she is safe!

    • da says:

      I would not have gotten out of my car. I would’ve called the police, drove alongside the child and stayed behind locked doors until the police arrived. I watch to many scary movies to fall for some craziness 🙄

  8. Melissa D. says:

    I’m sooooo glad that this young lady made it home to her family. I’m also glad that this story made its way across the internet and news outlets so that everyone knew to be on the lookout.

  9. Purple Rain says:

    It makes me content to see the community out to help. It really does!

  10. Aphrodite1018 says:

    Thank God she’s safe! I’m so glad this ended with her found alive!

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