Brewstew – Worst Kid In Class

Brewstew – Worst Kid In Class

Second grade’s tough when you have long division, cursive writing … and you know, the disruptive kid in class that keeps whispering words from a made up language under his breath.

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34 Responses

  1. Lacy Jennings says:

    Brewstew has become mine and my husband’s favorite thing to watch together. We look forward to every new story. Thanks for all you do. This old married couple appreciates you. ♥️

    • ShintaroShadow says:

      Incredibly rare to see a brewstew hearted comment

    • Bharadwaj Giridhar says:

      This comment hit me hard. I was depressed and burnt out for a year and one day I randomly discovered Brewstew. It was the first time I started laughing in like 6 months. I wasn’t watching any shows or movies. I told my ex and begged her to watch it so many times. When I watched this show today it reminded me of how happy it made me feel when I discovered it and it made me think I wish I get a girlfriend who actually finds this funny. So happy for you and your husband!

    • James Kincaid says:

      Same thing with me and my dad. We love Brewstew

    • Fijicobra420 says:

      My dad tells me to wear earbuds everytime I watch Tyler’s channel😂😂😂 gotta love Pa

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

      !Don’t read my name!

  2. TH4TLOSERLOST says:

    This man needs a stage, a mic, and a crowd with good taste

  3. No Name says:

    From the stories I hear from teachers and students these days, kids like Colby no longer get sent to the principal’s office and suspended. The teacher is now required to keep them in class and teach around them…somehow.

  4. ReCartded says:

    I would like to imagine the real Colby stumbles upon this video one day and starts laughing his ass off.

  5. ♥ Ale ♥ says:

    The fact that this dude still goes on is so awesome cuz I’ve watched him for 2 years now. He’s a great guy I wait every time for a new video

  6. KomradeKohska says:

    these episodes come out right when I forget this channel exists and its always a joy to remember and rewatch these

  7. Monkey meme god says:

    You can tell of how good the animation has gotten since he started

  8. Skuddawg says:

    “…I’ve never struck a child, but well, today could be the day…”
    I can imagine this thought has gone through the minds of countless elementary and beyond teachers…Much Respect to you all.

  9. Call me Sgt. Pepper says:

    Glad to see these kinds of kids were common in Public Schools and definitely sounded like ADHD unmedicated

  10. Ryan Jackson says:

    Oh my god, this is one of the best stories thus far. Thanks, Brewstew!

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