I Watched the Worst Movie on the Most Disliked Streaming Platform

I Watched the Worst Movie on the Most Disliked Streaming Platform

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I found the most disliked streaming platform and decided to watch their worst movie. Sorry!

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thanks for watching!

comment “get these goblins outta here” ur reading this


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48 Responses

  1. Kurtis Conner says:

    Get my Kurtis Dragon! Download Dragon City by clicking here: https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/kurtis8

  2. Uncle Rico says:

    Kurt was so traumatized by the goblin movie that he has an insatiable hunger to kill them now.

  3. Rat says:

    I’m actually laughing so hard at the way the wolf says “the moon goddess gave us another 💁‍♀️”

  4. Femboy_Fatale says:

    The line “My alpha, I came as soon as I heard.” has no business being so funny 😭

    • amitaf imhuolla says:

      Especially because the only instances I can think of I which one adresses someones Title with “my” are My lady or Mein Führer 😭😭😭

    • Luka [biptari] says:

      i GUARANTEE that exact dialogue is in an omegaverse fanfiction somewhere out there

  5. Gray R says:

    The Trojan horse being deemed medieval is so funny but also imagining Achilles with a flip phone has me ROLLLINNGGGG

    • Midnight says:

      He just calls Patroclus and tells him his mother kidnaped him and pat is like “oh ok lit I’ll be there in 2 days” HSKSHSKSB

    • Julissa Ramirez says:

      🥸 I know I was like wait 💀

    • cutepinkbandanaman says:

      There would be a whole ass chapter about all the ringtones and games his phone has similar to how the book goes on and on about his shield.

    • Tuna Fish says:

      I can imagine Achilles flipping open his phone fruityly to answer💅

    • rain says:

      Achilles texting Patroclus: Hey bbygirl, I talked to my mom, and she said she can’t see us in the cave, yk what that means 🫦👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

  6. Nova Kohnke says:

    my partner and I TRIED to watch this and genuinely couldn’t finish it. we were ecstatic to learn that Kurtis watched it for us

  7. wstta_liyah says:

    Having Kurt go through a whole fandom confused af really put into perspective how terrible werewolf fanfics are 😭😭💀💀
    Bc I’m just like yea that’s all normal

  8. Edits ect. says:

    This is literally like if a wattpad fic was turned into a movie made entirely of tiktoks that all had minute long ads in between

    • Megirl6473 y says:

      I swear they probably plagiarised a random omegaverase fic and because they are so many and they are all so similar it will be impossible to find the exact one they copied

    • synclair says:

      That’s what’s on my mind too when I heard how the movies here were titled.

    • Becky Jordan says:

      no wayyyy ive actually read this exact plot and i actually think the names are the same aswell lol

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Im signing up right now, time to drop my CSGO and League of legends career and neglect family to watch reelshorts rather than tiktoks, yay saved my life and brought my grandma back to cook me my last dinner before i can ascend into god tier gamer ty ong frfr bout to hit this fadded higher than a blickys bruh blicky spinners bruh bennjomansss bruh gettin in dat i wanna get in dat im an alpha and i appove this massage higher than to moon baby get in dat cypto asap made banks

    • Riley Greenwood says:

      I remember reading a fic with this exact same title and plot

  9. marigold_ exe says:

    As a Wattpad girl from middle school to late highschool, this whole situation is hilarious and horrifying. Watching someone who wasn’t part of this nightmare of a time is really eye opening to how insane we were

  10. xyz says:

    I love Kurtis trying to explain straight omegaverse as if no one has ever heard of it before. Idk if that makes me more embarrassed or amused.

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