State of emergency declared as Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California

State of emergency declared as Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency Saturday, ahead of Hurricane Hilary’s expected landing in Southern California. Meanwhile, Bay Area first responders are heading south to assist with the response efforts. Rob Mayeda, Alyssa Goard and Marianne Favro report.

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30 Responses

  1. Joseph Talmadge says:

    Many Many prayers to California from Florida. Don’t underestimate this storm as I’ve been through quite a few. God bless you all

  2. pablo Pablo says:

    I hope California is ready to handle this hurricane most people don’t understand how strong hurricanes are. Prays from Florida

  3. Vicki Lynn Johnson says:

    I’m praying for all those affected by this storm to remain safe. 🙏

  4. Candace Thompson says:

    Stay safe everyone! Don’t underestimate the storm and do what you need to to stay safe. Prayers from Utah.

  5. Sauravis The Ascended 🐉 says:

    May all those at-risk be safe and well. Amen. 🙏🏽

    • Yousavedbro Heaven Bound says:

      Hallelujah in Jesus name. I was out in Menifee today which is about 50 miles from San Diego.

      Thank God there was so many souls out smiling at Target I’m sure they were you know getting their stuff. The beautiful thing is it was people of all colors out there and thank God we were sharing hope in Jesus Christ and people are talking about colors to each other was amazing.

      God was moving so beautifully I was bumping my Jesus music please to young guys black guy they happen to be don’t matter to me their souls were beautiful and I was bumping my Jesus music and they were just grooving right there by the store.

      God is alive God is like there’s so much to the story of its God saying hello it’s God saying I know what’s going on with this Wicca government it’s God saying I know they’re trying to use climate change but the only one that truly can close the climate is God the only one that can give water is God not these evil people so keep praising Jesus

    • Lily Bart's manacle says:

      Wow. 🤪
      Well.. you seem happy, and as long as you don’t inflict your beliefs onto others.. knock yourselves out. 😃

      Meanwhile.. science is why you’re alive. 🤓

    • Sauravis The Ascended 🐉 says:

      @Lily Bart’s manacle huh?

    • Blou Brown says:

      it’s called ‘Free Speech’!!!

    • Lily Bart's manacle says:

      @Blou Brown 100%

  6. Luis Bracamonte says:

    God Bless California and the Southwest.

  7. Christina 222 says:

    Prayers for all including the animals out there! 🙏🥺😩😢

    • itwasaliens says:

      Let’s see if those prayers work.

      My money is on a NO.

      Ill make sure to save your comment.

    • Ron Swanson’s dog 🐶 says:


    • Kim Weaver says:

      @itwasaliens Never seems to do any good, does it? And usually they come after the poor schmucks are devastated. I’m sure all those prayers make them feel really good.

    • Lily Bart's manacle says:

      It’s a tropical storm. 😂 We PANIC when anything happens on the West Coast.
      I’ve lived in Seattle most of my life.
      2 inches of snow =
      It hits 100 degrees =
      don’t bother calling, WE’RE ALL DEAD

      We have no concept of severe weather on this coast. No BS.
      We’ve become greenhouse plants that can only survive in these designer micro-climates.
      Think I’m kidding?
      If you’re from the South, travel anywhere on the west coast in the summer to learn about the agonies of humidity. 🤣

  8. Gg*Zoo3 says:

    Thank you emergency crew, Lord be with you. Amen

  9. Lisa Samaroo says:

    Be safe people. Don’t go out driving . It’s dangerous.

  10. Queen FUD says:

    Love California ❤. Ive been receiving alerts and updates all day. So many have reached out to help from the city. We’re all taken care of. Way to go Southern California ❤❤❤❤ So grateful and proud to be a Southern Californian. We love you First Responders!!!

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