Chad Smith Hears Thirty Seconds To Mars For The First Time

Chad Smith Hears Thirty Seconds To Mars For The First Time

Take a sneak peek into the mind of Chad Smith! Watch as he listens to “The Kill” by Thirty Seconds To Mars for the very first time and attempts to play along. What is he listening for? How does he immediately craft an appropriate drum part? Tune in and find out!


⚠️ WARNING: This video includes explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Lesson Overview
01:18 – One Take
05:05 – Guessing The Band
05:48 – Listening To The Original Song
07:18 – Performance Analysis
07:36 – Outro
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35 Responses

  1. Drumeo says:

    You can tell we were as surpised as you were! 🙈 Chad, thank you for exceeding expectations in this challenge!

    You can now play along to this song and Chad’s most iconic RHCP songs inside Drumeo (with note-for-note sheet music AND drum-less versions of each song). Click the link to get your 7-Day Free Trial!

  2. Brandon Toews says:

    You’re all in for a treat. Thanks to Chad for accepting the challenge!

    • Cookin Coils says:

      I’m surprised you found a song he’s never heard

    • krusher74 says:

      Its would be great if you extended each of these to a 3 song thing, getting more challenging and away from their normal playing each song. I know you did 2 with domino but they were both jst 4/4 rock songs. Lets make it more about what they would have played on a session for that song thatn trying to guess what the original drum track is. I actually suprised and pro drummers thy are so worried about getiing it “right” i’d rather hear what thier personality would have brought to the song.

    • Jeff says:

      That was fun! 🙏

    • Garrett Senters says:

      He actually played that really well for not knowing the song…also drumeo editing gets better and better everyday! ❤

    • Craig Pfunder says:

      you should post the hardware used to record…

  3. Eithan Murray says:

    This is by no means the most challenging song you guys have given a drummer but it was for sure the most impressive. It’s scary how quickly he picked up on it.

  4. Caroline DW says:

    That’s the best one yet. Completely immersed in the song, doesn’t give a s*** about his image or reputation – open to making mistakes, but the mistakes are not mistakes. He was completely in that song and made it amazing – that’s what a true player he is. Lovely to listen to – such a master

    • arhythmius says:

      100% agree, this is the best one of this series that I have seen, I was totally blown away. Maybe I shouldn’t be shocked that a professional musician would be so intuitive, but I didn’t expect him to nail it *that* closely without even a first listen to the track.

    • Adam Lewis says:

      I love the look in his eyes, just completely and utterly lost in what he’s doing. What a wonderful human being.

      Also, Paiste 2002s are bloody gorgeous!

  5. Dean Barrett says:

    As highly rated as Chad is I still actually think he gets slightly underrated in the drumming community as to how absolutely god tier he is behind the kit – this was super impressive

    • Mike Storr says:

      This puts him in my top 10 for sure. Incredible how he picked up on all of it so fast.

    • BW says:

      Yeah 100% willing to admit I didn’t think he was god tier before. Now I need to see him do more of these like air to breathe.

    • Logxcabinxninja says:

      hes quickly becoming my favorite member of the band

    • Sam Proctor says:

      I think it’s because of how simply he plays in RHCP. But I think that’s part of what makes him so good, he plays what the music needs instead of needing to show case his chops and technical ability all the time

    • Logxcabinxninja says:

      @Sam Proctor yeah that makes sense. im glad drumeo is giving him some chances in the spotlight for the drumming audience

  6. ffg ffg says:

    Seems like it was way harder for Drumeo to find a song that Chad have never heard before than for Chad to play this song. Absolute legend.

  7. Douglas Quaid says:

    Whilst it’s a shame they’ve dropped off massively, 30STMs first 2 albums and Shannon’s drumming are absolutely incredible.

  8. shjobbi _ says:

    I love how he nailed it after 30 seconds. No pun intended

  9. Krypt Keepers says:

    Wow! Obviously, I knew Chad was a professional, but I was totally blown away with how fast he felt it and ran with it. Really drove it home.

  10. Alex says:

    I’ve been listening to this song since I was a kid. Hearing him pick it up almost perfectly was radical. I got chills.

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