What did Deion Sanders, Colorado prove in 45-42 upset win vs. No. 17 TCU? | NCAA | SPEAK

What did Deion Sanders, Colorado prove in 45-42 upset win vs. No. 17 TCU? | NCAA | SPEAK

Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, LeSean McCoy and James Jones discuss what Deion Sanders and Colorado proved in their upset win over No. 17 TCU. They then break down what makes Prime special as a coach.

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What did Deion Sanders, Colorado prove in 45-42 upset win vs. No. 17 TCU? | NCAA | SPEAK


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28 Responses

  1. SPEAK says:

    Watch Number One College Football Show with RJ Young: http://foxs.pt/no1showrj

  2. Fong Xiong says:

    I love what Prime is doing for these kids. He’s shaking things up for NCAA football

  3. Mike Giusto says:

    Coach Prime is an amazing coach! He’s teaching these kids how to carry yourself, on and off the field. Living in Colorado, I have the luxury of seeing so much of what he does, that you don’t see. He has really taken to Colorado and made it his state. Just watching him interact with the 90 year old woman who’s a super fam is just amazing! He escorts her around and treats her like a parental figure, and treats her like Colorado royalty. He really has embraced the community in a way I’ve never seen in any sport!

  4. Morpheus Rising says:

    This is why Deion leaving JSU was inevitable, because as well as he coached there, he wouldn’t have been truly validated as a coach until he went to a power 5.

    • Tejaybe says:

      True. It’s because HBCU are underfunded. There’s a lot of talented men in HBCU schools but they don’t get drafted because they didn’t go to a big named school. What Deon wanted was for Jackson to truly invest in the program so that it could change the culture of where kids could be drafted. If you could attend any HBCU and have a chance to make it to the league at the same chances of going to a bigger school, why not attend an HBCU? with people that look more like you. But alas, he had to leave because of it being underfunded. But now he’s still going to do what he set out to do, just on a bigger scale. Shoutout to Colorado for giving this man the keys to do what he knew he could for these talented kids. It’s going to pay dividens for Colorado for sure.

    • NewAgain says:

      Fax. And his kids won’t get a fair shot to shine and be drafted (high).

    • Delxino Gaming says:

      They would have been “yeah he’s great QB, but against HBCU competition..” Then he goes against P5 competition and has the most yardage of his LIFE.

    • Jayy Forrest says:

      Wrong,Thats not why! He was hated because it was an circus in the HBCU,were everything was about Deion! His own players including Shilo turned on him when they found out he had already accepted the CU job at the 6 game mark when Eddie Robinson said he wasn’t SWAC. Y’all are frontrunning fans trying to catch up to this circus..

  5. Janette Boykin says:

    I don’t know why people doubt Deion Saunders. He PREPARES…He works harder ….he walks it like he talks it …..I put ALL MY CHIPS on him because I know he works hard to EARN IT…..what a excellent role model . WINNING

  6. Clifford Smith says:

    What impressed me was how composed and disciplined this team was on the field. They never wavered. They never panicked. That’s top-tier coaching all around.

    Scary fact… they’re only going to get better. 😮💯🔥😁

  7. Can we talk says:

    This ain’t street ball where you just say go deep. There are plays to learn on offense and defense. You have to be in the right place and learn the plays on both sides of the ball. Travis Hunter’s intellect to do both is special

  8. Earnest Brown says:

    Was in attendance. They didn’t even introduce the Buffs to the field.. no band. No cheerleaders.. just us fans sprinkled about. Amazing to see this win. Go Buffs!! The hype after the game was epic

  9. patrick y says:

    What Deion will do for these young men is gonna go way beyond football.Whatever path these young men take in life, they will have a piece of Coach Prime in them for life.
    As a young person you need positive ppl in your life to give you confidence to achieve your goals.

  10. Jacob Everson says:

    Using the transfer portal Prime made a roster with the best players and got them into shape and condition to compete dominate and win. Coach Prime knows how work the system to get things done he got the players understanding the playbook had hard practices and lots of weight lifting and running in the offseason. Deion Sanders showed he knows how to coach with a great performance vs TCU. Talking about the team from last year is irrelevant considering pretty much all new players new coaching staff and a change in philosophy and leadership.

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