Brits try real Texas BBQ for the first time!

Brits try real Texas BBQ for the first time!

Today we visit a legendary Texas institution for one of the best meals in the entire world!

Thanks to Terry Black’s for having us, you HAVE to check them out if you’re in central Texas!

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Nora yousef
Bettie Meier
G. J Chua
Kyle Williams
Claim2Game (a.k.a isaiah gollan 20)
Vicky Bham
James Reyes
Colin Kato
David Whitener
Li Winslow
Reilly Willoughby
Jim Harrington
AJ Villanueva
Julian Leung
Yun Lim
Victor koh
Diana Woon
Nurse Laykan
heather owen
Gloria Kwon

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26 Responses

  1. Chefy boy says:

    Josh really is obsessed with barbeque! He’s doing that thing where you over-use all the new words that you learn about from researching a hobby you’re obsessed with! Lol

  2. Kristen Cardinale says:

    “I do not feel bad. I knew you first; I deserve this.” “Commiserations, Gabby. You tried, but at the end of the day, I won.”

    Of course Ollie brings it all back to the battle of the wives 😂

  3. Jyavant says:

    As a Texan, I’m proud to see one of my favorite YouTube duo enjoy the barbecue ❤

  4. Fitwaffle Kitchen says:

    Loved Terry Blacks, amazing BBQ, and the cornbread was so good!

  5. Hannah Bradshaw says:

    Luke has been living his best life recently. We love to see it 😂

  6. Jeannified says:

    This video is so fantastic! I’ve never wanted to try a barbecue place so much!!! Glad you guys all enjoyed it!

  7. Tabia Crumbley says:

    I’m a southern woman, and it makes me so happy to see people not only enjoying our food but our culture as well. Worldwide, there is the stigma about Americans and how we’re uncultured, and seeing these two men experience our culture regionally and Countrywide makes my heart swell

    • SolitareLee says:

      I maintain southern food is hands down the best food in the country. Admittedly, I’m from Alabama, but I’m also RIGHT lol

    • H HC says:

      Believe me when I say this. The only ones thinking negatively and putting down Americans are Americans themselves. For the most part, the world thinks highly of Americans. So don’t let people destroy this great nation from the inside.

    • Christina Wiley says:

      ​@Jaehong Song also because it’s just expensive and we don’t get paid holidays or just holidays honestly.

  8. Pre1321 says:

    Josh is showing the enthusiasm and surprise of all his first-time Korean BBQ guests (the rappers, high schoolers, footballers). Love to see him experience that same eye opening meal with Texas BBQ.

  9. Brooke Danielle says:

    Josh and Ollie’s shock about how the best meal is just found on the side of the Highway, unassuming restaurant is just a perfect description of southern food. The best foods down here aren’t in chains or Michelin star restaurants, though they do deserve stars; they’re in the random, hole in the wall, mom and pop restaurants. So glad the south is receiving more love and recognition for its amazing food!

  10. David Hennebach says:

    As someone who’s lived in Austin for over twenty years, I’m so proud and happy for you guys to be eating Texas caliber BBQ. We prepare BBQ with the same care and love you’d show your grandma lol

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