Bronny James & Bryce James’ first game together 👀 Highlights from the Axe Euro Tour 🎥

Bronny James & Bryce James’ first game together 👀 Highlights from the Axe Euro Tour 🎥

Bronny James & Bryce James’ 1st time playing together 👀 Highlights from the Axe Euro Tour 🎥
Check out the Bronny James and Bryce James highlights as CBC (California Basketball Club) loses to Hoopsfix at the Axe Euro Tour in London, England.

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34 Responses

  1. IsmokeHiphop Live says:

    I love the energy of the UK crowd.

  2. PG 13PACERNATION says:

    Bron must be so proud man seeing both of his son playing together for the 1st time. And hopefully one day we get to see that son and father duo in the NBA or at least playing against each other. That will be dope!!!

    • Isaiah Martin Vinoya says:

      @Ken he meant lebrons career in the nba, he’s in the class of 2025.

    • Las Ghostridah says:

      They not good enough for the NBA let’s keep it a buck if the make it it’s just because Their lebron kids

    • Kai Balfour says:

      @Munchies Productions Maybe Bronny if he’s a 1 and done cause It’s just 2 more years . Lebron will decline a little bit but still be atleast a top 5 or top 10 player. The only thing that would cut it short is injury or boredom. I don’t think he’ll stay for Bryce. Doubt they’ll be on the same team though

    • Munchies Productions says:

      Im a hater and love this! you think Bron will play with both of his sons?

    • ilhan says:

      he not immortal

  3. Pure grinding says:

    Is this an NBA finals? I was high af. The monster dunk after sneaking in the ball through defenders🔥🔥

  4. splash jay says:

    one of the craziest crowds i’ve seen at this level in a while. sounds like a march madness game lol

  5. JustDru 84 says:

    It was obvious when Bronny was out of the game or when he didn’t have the ball. He’s the leader for sure on that team

    • Nick says:

      @P Thomas lol right. Bronny is a fraud bc he wasn’t leading Sierra Canton at 14

    • P Thomas says:

      @Beezy Talking Shit Why Should have?

    • JustDru 84 says:

      @Devion Da Truth that’s crazy! I myself forget about that

    • JustDru 84 says:

      I’ve been very critical of Bronny over the past 2 years. I feel he could have been doing this 2 years ago. People will say it’s because he “played with too much talent”. I feel like that is no excuse. Amari has been a dog since a freshmen amongst all the other talent. Not that I was expecting Bronny to just dominate the last two years but he didn’t take advantages of all the playmaking opportunities. He’s def had a great summer. I hope this translates. Skill wise esp during Bronnys good games, I feel he is better than his dad was. Nonetheless Lebron never had a bad game in high school. Bronny has had several bad games

    • FAXX says:

      @Lj not nba good tho which is what everyone means obviously

  6. DiJonn Salgado says:

    I love the energy of the UK crowd. Just happy to see good hoops 🔥

  7. Darrien Manker says:

    1. This crowd is CRAZY for a high school game

    2. Bronny is developing really really good .. a great teammate!! He makes the right decision most times nd his finishing is looking a lot better.. nd the shooting still money per usual that’s gone come regardless w growing up in the gym!! I’m excited for him💯💯

    3. Cofield is NICE!!! League bound fasho!!! That split to the dunk on dudes head had me screaming 😭😭😭😭🤣

    • JustDru 84 says:

      @Beezy Talking Shit come on bro. It’s because he’s continuously developing in the league he has so much longevity. If Lebron played like he played nearly 20years ago, he would’ve been out the league 5 years ago. He’s developed a jumpshot, still effective on defense, off the court his workout and diet regime is on point. And he’s still a player in which if he’s on your team, there’s always that chance of a championship. AND IM NOT EVEN A LEBRON FAN LOL.

    • Beezy Talking Shit says:

      @Erik Tyson Lebron is not developing anything. He was he would know to let the younger dudes take over and take more shots. He still takes the ball away from the PG by bringing the ball up the court majority of the time. He hurts his teams. That’s why he’ll never get another NBA Title. He’s lucky to have that Disney World Practice Championship.

    • Erik Tyson says:

      @Beezy Talking Shit Lebron is still developing. Why do you think he’s still effective in the league. All the greats continue to develop.

    • Darrien Manker says:

      @Beezy Talking Shit lmaooo clearly you’ve never played a sport in your life.. senior year is usually the biggest jump in development for an athlete.. it’s when you start to get your grown man strength and you have the knowledge and confidence to dominate

  8. Neo Matrix says:

    The boys did great for there ages all of them! definitely going to the NBA in 3-5 years most of them that really want it.

  9. YxngBT says:

    I love how they’re making names for themselves. Makes me happy

  10. Kiroppi says:

    Every NBA GM gonna tank for Bronny. I know he is not top of the class, but if you get 20-25k in attendance everygame with him and LeBron. Man

    • Kiroppi says:

      @Mr. Nevs More than half the league have not tasted that excitement you are talking about. Plus, is he really on his last leg. People been saying that for the past 6 years and he still give you 27-7-7. The King s would get him in a heartbeat for the chance to get a playoff spot. The Spurs would love him and maybe he could help them improve from being a consistent play-in team if they even qualify. If a contender like the GSW gets Bronny at around 25-30th pick dont tell me they aint getting Bron and boost their chances at a chip. Even if he comes off the bench or play 20-25min. No one will beat them. Hell they could go for 82-0. Come on. Every team will benefit. How small or big, it’s that thing they need to get over the hump. May it be sales in tickets, or star power to reach the playoffs etc.

    • Mr. Nevs says:

      @Kiroppi I get what you saying, but nobody is Tammy for Bronny and Bron for 1-2 wasted years. Money typically follow success. If. Ronny is not bringing success and Bron is on his last leg, the sideshow will only be exciting for a a few months maybe a single year.

    • Nico Perez says:

      @shanwrld he just isnt tall and long and fast like lebron or any other great stars. his speed is his weak point and height of course which he cant help. he plays like his dad but hes got to remember he doesnt have his dads height

    • Sports fantastic says:

      If Brian can get to at least 64 he gonna be a problem I see at least 18 maybe four or five boards and go with like 8 or 9 assist and he gonna d you up for at least I steal a half a game and a half a block shooting 45% from the field may be 38 to 40% from three….

    • Kiroppi says:

      @Jeff Hardy if we were in a debate I would have won with this statement alone: Bron and Bronny together.

      Let me explain in case you still wouldn’t be able to get it. Let me do it slowly, ok? LeBroonnn anndd Bronnnyyy WILLLLL playyyyy togetherrrrr. Because Bron will wait for Brony. Jordann, Wadeee and Shaaqqq were not playing anymore when their children entered the draft. Ok, brother? geeez you’re slower than the other one. lmao. And you were so confident too. 🤣😅🥴💀

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